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Thanks to dvirbd for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the RØDE VideoMic Pro w/ Rycote Lyre Shock Mount drop available.

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RØDE VideoMic Pro w/ Rycote Lyre Shock Mount

RØDE VideoMic Pro w/ Rycote Lyre Shock Mount

The AT2020: Is it the usb version? Or the XLR vesion? 'Cause I want the XLR
this is perfect i need a microphone for youtube

my chanel coom productions
focusrite Scarlett Studio is a good package of a decent XLR mic good audio interface and a decent headphones
Man I never realized how much of a mess these polls are. Some of these mics don't even make sense on why there even listed here. "YouTube Microphones" is also pretty vague. Does that mean like commentating , from your desk, because if so a lavalier mic doesn't make sense here either. Not to mention some of these microphones are drastically more expensive than others. Looks like no one here knows what their doing exactly....
how do you buy stuff
The ATR2100 is both USB and XLR. I tried one out recently and it sounds surprisingly good for a cheap microphone. I ended up buying one for "in studio" podcast guests. The Blue Spark is XLR and has been compared to the Neumann u87 in sound quality. Not sure why it's being included as a Youtube mic as it's more of an entry level voice over microphone.
It's an entry level mic that is good for YouTube therefore it is considered a YouTube mic.
Gotta say, USB mics really don't belong in "pro audio". You're not gonna find any of those mics in a studio. This should be in tech. Take it from an audio engineer. . .
Xlr mics are the best. I have the audio technica at2035 and it sounds really nice
Why all the USB mics? No love for XLR?
It's just more accessible to people. XLR kinda forces you to buy extra things for it, like an amp. Which is recommended either way.
when does it drop?
What about the Zoom H5?
how many votes does it take for massdrop to drop something?
Yo, vote the blue yeti.
honestly for how much of a discount we can get the razer is the best mic. It beats out the blue yeti and for streaming its awesome.
When is the drop? Looking to buy one ASAP
is the microphone worth it to by for youtube
I would say as far as getting a good budget mic from the drop, the samson gomic would be the best because it would probably drop down to $20-30 which is a steal for a mic that good
1st: Rode Podcaster 2nd: Razer Seiren 3rd: Blue Yeti PRO
Audio tech and razer siren r the best
I'd really like to see the Bluebird get dropped. Shayne Orok on YouTube uses this microphone to sing. It sounds wonderful. Bluebird deserves some more votes!
Vote for the Blue Yeti it is way better every youtuber has used one
I really hope that i can get the seiren it's REALLY good
It's doesn't have horrible quality, but it is extremely overpriced
The Rode Podcaster should really be the mic people are voting for. It's a mic which is aimed at capturing speach, which as the poll is for a YouTube mic....
When it comes to features, the Blue Yeti blows the Audio Technica AT2020 out of the water! The Blue Yeti features a dedicated mute button, headphone volume knob, direct headphone monitoring, a volume gain knob, and four different recording patterns.
On the other hand, the AT2020 features… absolutely nothing. The AT2020 features no volume knobs, direct monitoring, or any different recording patterns like the Yeti.
(It’s worth noting that the AT2020 does come in a Plus version which does feature direct headphone monitoring, but it also costs more and I don’t think is worth it for that feature alone.)
In the AT2020’s defense, I find the Yeti’s four different recording patterns a bit unnecessary, as most recording should be done in Cardioid, which is the only pattern offered by the AT2020. I do think the absence of a mic gain knob on the AT2020 is a disadvantage.
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im really hoping there is a snowball on sale
While the accessibility and ease of use added by a USB Microphone like the AT2020USB+ is nice, it can actually be much cheaper to buy an XLR Microphone and add an XLR Inteface on top of that. The AT2020 can go for as little as $60 on sale, and decent XLR Preamps can go for as little as $70-$80 :)
I am really hoping for a blue snowball at least. please vote
blue mics are ok, but the at2020 usb and the atr 2500 usb are literally better by miles
vote for snowball, dont you want a snowball for less than 30$?
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