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is this poll dead?
I've bought that corsair Hydro before and the quality was pretty bad, it was noisy and the performance was pretty bad. maybe just a bad one but I would not buy again.
Would have gone for a noctua setup if it didn't look like complete shit. Those fans ruin any system aesthetic. Sure you can switch out the fans but the only good looking noctua fans are the industrial ones and those are way too overpriced. I considered other air coolers but at that point I decided to go for the Corsair H100i GTX instead. It's great having Corsair link and it looks amazing in my case! Not to mention it is quiet and keeps my 4790k nice and cool! Well worth the price.
been building liquid setups for ages, Kraken x61 is the best if u are considering broadwell, hasswell, or skylake
Swiftech's H240-X is the one that really needs the price drop. Corsair's liquid coolers are junk with cheap parts and poor performance compared to the NH-D15 and Kraken x61.
Seriously, only scrubs run to Corsair.
Has the drop been active yet?
Any update on this poll? Because im looking to get a nzxt kraken x61 soon and its not cheap.
Hi all, thanks for coming out to vote. We’re going to reach out to some of the Corsair and Noctua items in this poll and hopefully we’ll be able to get something going. Have a good one.
Any word from Noctua? @MassdropMelanie
swifttech h220x > noctua> corsair. seriously, an AIO setup with high quality parts, and enough hardware and quality to upgrade into a custom loop. no brainer for water AIO. Such a bargain for what you get, they are constantly sold out.
NZXT Kraken is so good Liquid cooling > aircooling everyday
Corsair H series is the ass of liquid cooling.
Like no, it's not fucking liquid. It sucks comparatively ass and costs much more than noctua, go big (custom loop) or go home (noctua or 212). Liquid cooling can be had for less than twice the price of a H100 and still include GPUs, and have much better effects.
u dont see that bright do you
Noctua is better than corsair!
The NH-D15 is cheaper and better performing than most closed loop liquid coolers, so unless you are limited on space and aren't willing to shell out for a 'real' watercooling setup, it's a no brainer:
Yeah, I don't see why so many people want the H100 or any Corsair closed loop for that matter when the Noctua has better cooling performance and lower noise levels. I think people have a misconception that water>air, when as you said, it usually takes more money and planning a custom system to beat out the Noctua.
Yea I have an h105 and to be honest I regret being too lazy to make a custom loop.. The pump is so noisy on this thing and its performance isn't bad but certainly not amazing.