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Browsing Taobao I just found this case. They are offered on both TKL and fullsize. Im not really sure, but OEM seems to be the same as varmilo/fc660m cases that were sold here sometime ago.
Maybe the LEDs could be optional, for us Ducky owners.
Do the filco cases fit a ducky shine 4.
Not likely I'm afraid. This case is for a TKL board, while DS4 is a full size.
If only filco changed their LED spots
All of these are the same product. why are we voting for colors? If you manage to get the company to make a batch, they're not going to charge extra to dye them in one pool vs another right beside it. If I'm not wrong you can just add a color selection box like you would with switch type etc.
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Wasn't really what I was getting at. Very few companies make aluminum tkl cases, this is your best bet. My question was why are we constraining the buy to a particular color when the only difference during manufacture is the dye color they're soaked in. everyone could just order what color they want.
Ahh, I see. I did that for no reason really, just to give people some choices to make. I'm sure if MD talks to the manufacturer, it would be a drop for all of the colours since they're the same case.
Will any of these have an option for phantom 7bit layout?
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How would one go about generating such interest? Sorry new to this.
Probably by posting this poll to the various keyboard communities, GH, /r/mk, DT.
A silver one would be great for my Filco Majestouch 2 Ninja. I'm curious if this will fit a Ducky Shine 2 TKL?
I'm not sure, but if the Shine 2 has the same PCB mounting points as a Filco, and space for the internals as well, I don't see why not. You'd need to do a mod for the USB connection though for sure, as these have the Filco style non-removable cable.
Try looking up pictures of a Ducky PCB and a Filco PCB and compare them. :)
Edit: I was wrong about the USB connection, these have an internal Filco style to removable mini-USB. Even better! :)
I saw a reddit user who made it work for the Ducky Shine 3 TKL, with some very light mod work. So I believe it would fit.
Will these fit the WASD Code TKL keyboards?
how much would these be?
Retail on them from is about $150USD.
If anyone has any suggestions for metal TKL cases, feel free to add them to the poll! These were the only ones I knew of, besides the GON cases that only fit GON boards AFAIK.
Would love to see a drop of these!
I personally have been waiting and waiting for a silver one, so I added in the option for that! I'd love it if we could get a drop for these.
Sorry, I totally forgot to add the silver one! Personally I want the blue one, but silver or grey would be great too. These would look amazing with my Phantom in them!
Cheers, and thanks for the vote. :)