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Now Available!

Thanks to jordangoldzeus5 for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the IKBC MF87 v.2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard drop available.

BrianMassdrop Buyer

IKBC MF87 v.2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

IKBC MF87 v.2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

planck is the bets gaming keeb obviously
Damb 26 hundred votes on k95 and no drop u wot m8?
people do realize that you don't need "gaming" keyboard to game right ??
not the point ;)
You don't need a fancy car/big house/name your extravagance, you just want...
Can't wait until this RGB fad dies
I added the K70 LUX RGB, it has brighter Lights similar to the STRAFE and comes still with Metal instead of STRAFE with Plastik. And I can say that you won't need Macro Keys. I actually have a Keyboard 5 Macro Keys but I never use them.
This needs to drop!! You've had corsair mice, headphones, and components, but never the keyboards! >:(
give me pok3r RGB!!!
i heard the leds on the Corsair K95 and K70 break within a few weaks, is that true?
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I have the first batch of K70 RGB for 2 years and it still works like new! Corsair's quality is top-notch. I upgraded to the new K70 RGB Rapidfire with MX Speed switches, and I gave my old K70 RGB to my roommate and he really enjoys it.
exactly same for me
looking to get the K70 or K95 if it ever drops. totally interested in this
for fuck sake, why people vote on k95! even strafe its better
Why? Some people like macros!
1230 votes on K95 , when will by drop ?
K95 is only good for mobas. If you play FPS, you'll be good with the k70.
Corsair RGB K95 the best keyboard in the world :) ,when will be available ?
The 95 keyboard is the best, but k70 is also pretty good!
Will this never drop?
k70 takes the cake as far as features, build quality, and look. Razer sucks. get off the bandwagon guys.
Meh, it's all about Ducky Shine 5.
K65 is the TKL verison of the K70 RGB
y u hate razer? Seriously guys there's nothing wrong with Razer. It has better back-lighting that the Corsair K70/K95 and it looks so much better overall.
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Cause two of my friends bought the Black Widow Chroma, and after a month, they all felt regretful. One of my friends's Chroma has a key stopped working, and the other friend of mine has two LEDs dead on him.
well I used the BlackWidow Chroma X TKL for like 3 weeks, returned cuz the switches is really bad + the build is very flimsy Tried the Ornata b4 that as well returned it too, same reasons
The only thing worth buying from Razer atm is the Deathadder (all version) and maybe the mouse pad lineup
Well someone copied my poll, if you want the buy link it is already out? seriously unfair bu there's the link
That G910 tho. I can't help but love all of it's design. So convenient, so rollerbar.
I own the G910 and it's truly amazing.
I had the G15v1 and G510 before this; I always refused to settle for a keyboard without a screen or 18 physical macro keys, but after 10 years I've come to realize I don't use the macro keys that much to justify having 54 macro keys. The 27 (9*3 modes) on the G910 are more than sufficient and Logitech has an app that basically replaces the built-in screen. I do miss some of the game functionality but honestly, the fact that the G910 is mechanical more than makes up for it.
Sick, I voted for the BlackWidow! Also make sure to check out some Logitech gaming keyboards @
This drop is doing incredibly good, considering i started it, maybe a week or 2 ago, 155 votes, around 50 more left :) 3/15/2015
I have the k70 and unless you need the macro keys it is awesome, and pretty.
K95 has extra macro's and keys to bind