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I just want the Ergodox!!!
Went ahead and pre-ordered directly from Matias. The massdrop has taken way too long and now that we know there won't be any lower group pricing, at least for the foreseeable future, I gave into my need for this keyboard :)
Any release dates and prices for Matias Ergo Pro yet? And what layouts, PC or Mac? or all of them? Common! :=
So are we to assume this is just dead? :( Definitely sucks.
edit: instead of me just complaining I've also reached out to Massdrop support. Maybe it was just bad timing before and this time it'll grab their attention.
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Been thinking about getting a laptop stand anyway, so I'm intrigued. For me it would depend on the actual group price though.
I'd LOVE to see a lower-than-standard price from a group buy on this, but 2 posts up from yours it was stated that Matias "cannot offer group pricing for the drop because they already have commitments towards other channels." So it sounds like they are thinking of the normal price - $200 USD - and throwing in the laptop stand. :-/ Not super exciting. I might just pre-order directly through Matias for the next production run.
Massdrop has not provided any status updates about negotiations with the vendor, so tired of waiting and feeling stupid, I decided "fuck it" and ordered Matias Ergo Pro directly
I am really excited to get an Ergo Pro, this is the poll I've been waiting for. Any news from Massdrop on this?
I have a Freestyle w/ the Ascent so that it's vertical, it's awesome. But, it's not mechanical so if the Matias happens then I will try to hack it on the Ascent. With that said, what's with the Ergodox putting many keys to be operated by your thumb? That's not healthy.
I asked Massdrop support for update on the process some time ago, they promised to look into it. No reply since then.
Keep it up guys :) This is what Matias said in the link below:
"For the first 2 production runs, Quiet switches only. We're considering doing a Massdrop for other either clicky or linear. BTW I just saw that we're currently leading their vote for best split keyboard... :-)"
Sweet, lets buy it! Though I have to admit that until I hear that someone has actually had it shipped to them, I'm still highly skeptical Matias. I've been following this keyboard for about a year now. They originally promised a ship date of August, then December, then Jan/February, now March... and all they while they've had a policy of charging the full amount at the time of the preorder. I tried to preorder in December, and heard that my order would be shipped in March. I complained since their site said January, and while they did refund me my money, it took them some four weeks to update their website. Sketchy at best.
Let's go Matias ErgoPro!
200 votes!
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somebody with twitter account should notify him about this poll )
The Matias Ergo pro isn't even out yet. Their first shipments should be soon and I'm looking forward to it. I have a Kinesis Freestyle and love it. It's good for my cube farm it has membrane switches.
I wonder if it makes sense to have Ergodox in this poll, because there exists the page here already where people can request it's drop
I was thinking the same thing. I realize these are similar keyboards in their split design, but the Ergodox already has it's place, so to speak.
It is unfortunate that is not ready yet. It would've been a great addition to this poll
that uses scissor switches and is not even mechanical. wouldn't even make it to the poll even if it were ready.