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I would be in one for one if they actually shipped.
This would be a total and complete fail. I am still waiting on my bfl unit, there us no way they would agree to any sort of group by. At current btc prices you can get block erupters for $40 shipped if you know where to look.
Hey - most of the comments in this poll are spot on. Right now Butterfly Labs is having considerable fulfillment delays and it won't be feasible to run a drop at this time. Between that and the fact that the potential discount on these is most likely quite low, it'll make most sense to close this poll. We can definitely circle back in a few months time.
I really wish I had one of these a year ago, hahaha.
Yeah, I agree with Bilditup1... by the time you get a butterfly labs miner... it won't be fast enough. Unless you go for the bigger one, but simply I can't see them being able to fill the order.
There is no hope for this. BFL is still fulfilling orders from last summer, and are sending a bunch of Jalapenos to journalists to get the word out that they aren't a giant scam. A better option would be to get group buys for Block Eruptor USBs or Block Eruptor Blades. They're much more available.
A 5Gh/s miner could be profitable if you had one now, or maybe in the next few months or so. But by that time many other people would also have their own ASICs, driving difficulty way up. The estimate of 3 weeks is based on a static difficulty. Furthermore, there are _thousands_ of people with orders already. BFL has to clear through that backlog, and that will take time. By that time the chance of them being profitable is pretty low.
It's pretty simple guys. the 5Gh BFL WILL be profitable after running for 3 weeks (if/when you get the miner). However, as more and more ASIC miners enter the public and start mining, difficulty will go up. This will reduce profitability, but not destroy it. There is no way determine how much difficulty will go up.
I already know of the difficulty, but these little boxes churn through 5 GH/sec which is way more than single video cards can and at a fraction of the cost.
Try learning about bitcoin first :P These won't be profitable because of how the algorithm works. Go here and read about difficulty: Ars's miner was profitable because they got it early. Furthermore, I'd be extremely wary of any of BFL's products. Lots of promises and some questionable practices.
It won't matter if we get 65% or more off, nobody will buy a $200 unit. It's not going to be profitable.
The Avalon unit is 75 BTC and there not shipping anymore units. The 5Gh BFL will not be profitable.
How would it not be profitable? The author of that Arstechnica article made back his money in 1 week. Try reading that article before posting.
I've also seen some question as to the legitimacy of Butterfly Labs. I'd be very leery of buying one of their ASICs till I've heard from someone who bought and has been using one.
According to that article, the wait time on this would be very long as Butterfly Labs needs to fulfill their year long back order for all their capital backers.