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hey guys i have a question... lets say the v-moda wins and its starts shipping lets maybe march 9.... how long does it takes to ship to my addres in aurora ohio ??? please answer very important
Selfless alternative to a "bluetooth headphone"

Added it to the list.
every single one of those things i have ever seen have been a piece of garbage. besides i think that the audiophi8les just have a stick up their arse and just don't want to look at reality that now bluetooth can transmit and play back sound equal to quality wired thanks to the speed and data rates of bluetooth 4.0 they don't understand the tech and just want stupid vacuum tubes that do nothing.
Yup, I own the Sony ones in the list, and cannot tell the difference between wired and wireless on my lossy content. The AptX really does the trick.
I agree that there's absolutely nothing "audiophile" about bluetooth audio. But, there's nowhere else on this site where one could hope to go for a wireless headphone drop. So I feel some sympathy for jsburry. But I also wouldn't want other folks to be mislead into thinking that any of these would provide audiophile quality when even the best of these would be limited by Bluetooth's "advanced" audio distribution profile (A2DP) and the limited bandwidth it provides.
Although, I have two sets of PreSonus Ceres series monitors with Bluetooth capability that I use to stream stuff from my phone on occasion. It's just an easy way to get sound into the room when I'm not so concerned with it being of highest quality.
wireless headphones = audiophile cancer
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good ones, but they are not enough (compare to wired ones)
No one is asking them too. The name of the poll is not "Bluetooth headphones as good as high-end wired headphones." If you have no interest in good Bluetooth headphones, great, but don't punish those that have a use for them, and want something that still sounds good.
Good, objective addition to the list Darek. Well thought out and I'm sure everyone appreciates your contribution.