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Now Available!

Thanks to Chinguin for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Tex Yoda II TrackPoint Mechanical Keyboard Kit drop available.

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Tex Yoda II TrackPoint Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Tex Yoda II TrackPoint Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Wireless preonic with track point?
Bring this back and I'll sign up the same day.
Oh hell yeah, rape my wallet please!
Wireless dongle (preferably with encryption) Yoda would be my ideal keyboard
BT *was* full off holes, for recent specs you can get silicon based 128 bit encryption. As an added bonus you can pair it with anything that has BT. Anyhow, depends on what's gonna be put in the keyboard.
please please please please Wireless dongle. The computer will think it's a wired input device. please please please please
Would BT have higher latency?
may be , but who can prove Wireless dongle is better?at least BT dont need dongle
My design proposal to Tex: Perhaps the Trackpoint and KB can be separated into two BT devices .
On their Facebook they mentioned that they were not considering a Bluetooth version of the keyboard, but looking into a programmable Tex Yoda.
That would be a sweet drop. Would make it a more worthwhile upgrade from my Pok3r.