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Honestly, this seems like a preposterous drop. Ignoring the major logistical issues and questions such as transport and cost, I can't imagine that there would actually be a superior deal versus bargaining with a local dealer. Unless you're just a horrible negotiator, in which case, you should go take a class or something.
Adama, you're probably right, but I cant imagine it'd be impossible if you happen to have that money sitting in your bank :P
Seriously? I guess it's a cute idea. Except that you'd have to be able to prove that you can buy the car outright and/or have a loan set up. You can't pay for stuff this expensive with PayPal. There's a whole ton of other crap that goes on behind the scenes when buying a car.
I want this car!
If international purchases (non US) could be accepted, but have the car sourced locally, say Australia in my case, then that would be a great incentive
my friend was already looking at a couple of bimmers. Imagine getting a new one for 33% off; I'd probably buy two, lol
Wait. What? Really? This would be hilarious and amazing if Massdrop ran a group buy for a car.
Never thought of a massdrop for something this large. Sounds awesome. I new step for the site
Running a massdrop for a BMW isn't out of the question. We can definitely do it (logistics may be a challenge, but we can figure it out). The biggest factor is whether we have a handful of people who are truly committed to buying one. We'll keep an eye on this poll and follow up in a few weeks.
I'm in.
I just want to see the shipping cost
@Michael same :)
What the hell guys, are we seriously gonna massdrop a car?