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Is there any point in upgrading my current speakers? Currently I'm running a Lepai LP-2020A+ with a pair of AudioSource LS100 speakers (8-ohm, 10w RMS, 50w peak) and a Polk Audio PSW111 sub. The only mod I did to the Lepai was replacing the 2 amp power supply for a 5 amp.

Depending on who I ask, either the Lepai is the weak link in my setup or the speakers are. Any input?
The ls50's are still gonna be around $1000 does everyone else really wanna spend that much ?
How many votes till kefs go through? For reference Amazon had them on sale at $999 few months back
How many votes do we need for the ls50's?
will there be a drop for Bookshelf Speakers or

wireless Bookshelf Speakers with wifi & bluetooth

What's the best speaker for 400$, without drop and dac/amp? People here say m5s aren't good but I've heard great things about them... what about Harman Kardon Soundsticks III Speakers?
Sierra 2s, to match my other sierra 2s :D
Def Tech SM65. Great sound, accurate, and can go loud.
Is there a companion poll for this? Something to power these things.
whoever voted for audioengines is an idiot...theyre essentially beats overpriced and youre basially paying for aesthetics
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I'm sorry, but compared to a properly driven and setup KEF, B&W, etc... the A5's just can't compete. They're far from bad, imo, but looking at all the other speakers on this list I don't think AudioEngine stuff deserves to be listed.

Put another way: If this were a supercar drop, guess which AE would be. Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Mercedes Benz, Buick, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo...
Good to know - I actually have been wondering if I am missing out on something - speakers in this range never sounded this good 10 years ago
1st choice: Vanatoo T1 speakers (black), for Computer near-field monitors.
2nd choice: KEF X300A
3rd choice: Harbeth P3ESR cherry <--- I'd jump all over this one for the right price
Elac B5, of course
ub5 now..... cant wait to get my hands on
I voted for the MB42X. I have them and would strongly recommend them to beginners!
Paradigm Atom V7, they would make a nice set of front speakers :)
LS50 should be brought
Christmas time is around the corner!!!!!
Do ppl realize that the LS50 cost 1000Euro a pair??
Yes. But they are also some of the best speakers in the world.