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I'd like to just throw out a quick warning. I have a smart68 and it's a wonderful keyboard... however, there were a lot of issues with the last group buy and there are STILL users who have not gotten their keyboard or have a broken keyboard that has not been taken care of. Problems included missing components on the PCB, loose/broken USB connectors, scratchy FN bars.... as well as people who have not gotten their keyboard (it's been over a year). Contact with Feng was generally non-existent throughout the process even with him posting on other areas of the forum. If MD ran this internally then I'd be OK with jumping in again, but otherwise just be careful out there and weigh the risks. Check out the smart68 thread on GH if you need more info and want to see how everything went down.
Why is everyone loosing their shit over the Smart68? This board can easily be reproduced with existing parts.
That smart68 sure is appealing, but DAMN The White Fox is sexy. It doesn't have flashy RGB, but damn it, I want it!
The problem I have with Massdrop compact keyboards, is that they are all so darn thick! Please let me now if there's an option I'm not aware of, but the height of the tops of the keys on all of the Massdrop compact keyboards is such that I need to carry a wrist rest with me for an optimal typing experience. This isn't true for this Cherry keyboard: -- however this comes with some layout compromises.
If Massdrop drops 'smart68' , I would like to drop it with version 'v1', 'v2' and 'Pad' options.
magicforce 68
Does nobody else use right shift?
I've only ever used it once. A videogame had my hands in such positions it was my only option. I changed keybindings after that. Every single layout I've ever planned out for a board lack the right shift. Sadly I can never find any keycap to fit the spot where it would have been that's tied to the function I've given it.
Are the mount points for the Smart68 compatible with pok3r?
No they are not. The Smart68 features, you guessed it, 68 keys. More than the Pok3r could ever fit. That's why the 68 is one row longer.
BTW if you are looking for a 60% layout with arrow keys take a look at the XD64 that dropped recently.
Damn Massdrop needs to get on this Smart 68 board. Over at gh many others would like to get hands on this board (me included). Please talk with feng and get this done, somehow, any means necessary.
I just love this design while still being compact! Maybe Massdrop can drop down the price a bit <3
I did not discover the Smart 68 until the order was closed :(
I would go all in for V.1 (low profile) Smart 68 & Smart Pad!
What would be very similar to the pok3r (poker 3) backlight but with dedicated arrow keys?
It's an old picture of smart68, the new one features a huge ugly bezel around the keyboard
I need the smart 68
Is that the latest design for the Smart 68 keyboard? Because last time I saw, it looked like a toy.

Now it looks nice. But 300$ MSRP is, eh.
Please drop the SMART 68 MASSDROP!!!!!!
You want discrete arrow keys, not discreet.
But what if I want them subtly positioned close to other keys?
very timely comment