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Now Available!

Thanks to Quantzer for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Das Keyboard 4 Professional (Cherry MX Brown) drop available.

KunalMassdrop Buyer

Das Keyboard 4 Professional (Cherry MX Brown)

Das Keyboard 4 Professional (Cherry MX Brown)

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I would love this in blues right now
I would really prefer some browns over the reds.
Since MD's service is being complete trash - I'll spread some light.

Cherry is currently having mad issues pumping out switches at the rate they're now demanded - and that's not even with QC being added in. After a large amount of badly QC'd Cherry MX Blue switches going out in to the market, Cherry is trying to get their bearings together. Corsair is getting on the bad end of this misfortune and sales issues aside they're completely cancelling all k70 and k95 RGB Blues. I think they will only be available in Red and Brown at this point.
So basically, Corsair can't even get enough switches in to make boards and send to their current re-sellers, let alone work out a deal with a site such as Massdrop.

But at the same time, MASSDROP'S AGENTS could have the decency to at least say ' we haven't heard from them' or 'we've encountered issues' after this many votes.
It would be nice to at least get some feedback from Massdrop. Are they working on it? Have they talked to Corsair? Is it even available for drop?
Still waiting massdrop
Will a massdrop associate even say anything about this? Waiting forever at nearly 2.3k votes on ONE BOARD. Please tell us anything.
We only have this with red switches at Micro Center. Also we don't have it because it ends up selling out the same day if/when we ever get them in. For the love of god, please let this happen. I'm tired of resisting the urge to buy the Blackwidow Chroma just to tide me over until my store gets them in stock.
Still waiting...
Just FYI, these Corsair "Vengeance" K-series boards are NOT standard layouts! Whomever designed these boards (it almost certainly wasn't Corsair, Razer's BlackWidow boards are twins to Corsair's, just with "different" switches) decided to bring the ESC/FUNC key row closer to the ~/NUMERAL row for whatever reason, meaning that in my testing I was constantly hitting the F Keys when trying to type numbers (Razer's BlackWidow Tournament Edition and Corsair's Vengeance K65 which I tested are both tenkey-less), and even more often was hitting F11 while trying to hit Backspace. Apparently I'm a really lazy and off-target typist, but this is something to be aware of before making a purchase, because it truly is a little strange to see the F Keys so close to the rest of the keys and was enough of a dealbreaker that I sent the boards back. From what I can tell by looking at pictures, all of Corsair's "Raptor" and "Vengeance" K-series boards and Razer's BlackWidows are like this, which is really too bad, the K65 is a sweet little board.
I am def buying this if I can get it in blues
Are we ever going to get any info on this? Nearing 2k votes tells me we deserve something.
Please try and get the batch with the old logo ^.^
I'd really prefer browns. the corsair k70 comes in browns and has actually been suggested twice
and waiting
Still waiting
When will they contact the vendor?
I really want this in blue or brown too. Are we redoing it, or will there be options?
I want this is Browns too
Any chance this is going to drop?
Uh.. I've accidentally added two suggestions for the same thing. anyone know how to remove? :|