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gotta go PBT guys
IMO, labeled caps that would make the most sense for ErgoDox would have to be DSA, and only the 1x keys (leaving the 1.5x and 2x caps blank), so they would be adaptable to any alternative or custom layout. There could even be a market to expand the buy volume by offering labeled DSA sets suitable for popular non-ErgoDox boards using MX switches (again, suitable for alt/custom layout interest) -- maybe run it as a basic alphanum+punctuation set of labeled 1x DSA caps, possibly with optional (blank?) add-on sets to comprise full sets for ErgoDox, Ducky, Filco, etc.
Those wanting labeled and row-profiled (DCS style) caps suitable for QWERTY layout can do as I did for my ErgoDox: harvest them from a cheap, used Cherry G81-1800/-1900/-11800/-11900/-7000 board, like this one:
I would love to get a side printed set of DCS key caps. Right now, there is a sale going on for DCS clear switches. I am debating if I should get them or just wait for a GB of side printed ones.
I added an option to address the largest shortfall I've had with my ErgoDox: having all the keys the same height makes them more difficult to use, especially in the thumb cluster. I'll buy a set of WASD or DCS keys at some point, but doing so through Massdrop would be much cheaper. I'm curious to see if other people agree that an ErgoDox should be, well, ergonomic. :) Cheers!
**Edit: I ordered a few SA and recessed (U6) DSA caps, which will give three evenly spaced heights with my standard DSA set. This looks to be a good middle ground...we'll see.
theses better be thick ptb and dye subed
It would be really nice to have homing bumps in two of the caps...
'DCS' -- something like Deep, Cylindrical -- it's a common profile, and competes with SA or DSA (both versions of "spherical")
actually I don't care which layout, but I use ANSI. ISO enter keys wouldn't fit any of my keyboards. Anything likely to be popular would probably work -- but yes, I'll go add the word 'ANSI' to my suggestion.
Edit: nope; can't edit. Well, it has votes so it makes sense I can't change what other people voted for. But I meant 'the keyboard everybody uses' -- and just assumed everyone else would assume something similar.
double-edit: actually, doubleshots last a lot longer than engraving ... but since your fingers don't press on the sides of keys, I would assume pad-printing would be adequate for such a keyset. So, I meant to say "ANSI layout, pad-printed DCS profile stealth black keyset" Except the ergodox isn't a 104key so ANSI / ISO probably doesn't mean much of anything. So just, US ASCII characters, if you please.
@"Stealth black DCS":
Great suggestion, I changed my vote from one of my own suggestions to your suggestion!
Since this keyboard will have a layout, it is necessary to define: - what layout it will be. I suggest "US International". - how the layout will be added to the keys. Options would be printed (cheap, not long-lasting) or engraved/etched (expensive, long-lasting)
Please add those aspects to your suggestion (or have an administrator add it should you not be able to change it on your own).
BTW: What does DCS stand for?
thick pbt

would be nice
"thick pbt (black, laser, blank)" What would be lasered if it's blank, or am I missing something?
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