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Now Available!

Thanks to Ubolo for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Thermaltake Poseidon ZX Illuminated drop available.

AndrewMassdrop Buyer

Thermaltake Poseidon ZX Illuminated

Thermaltake Poseidon ZX Illuminated

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Why the ugly gold edition? Come on...
Whoops I didnt see your response sorry
Update time!

We've been speaking with our vendors every night for the last week in an effort to list the Shine 3 w/brown switches. At this time they don't have any standard Shine 3's for the Massdrop community.

Instead they have GOLD SHINE 3s!!! In all seriousness, there's a special edition Shine 3 with a gold CNC'd aluminum top plate. There's a very limited quantity of these available and we've got 48 units. They're all brown switches with White LEDs.

We're trying to get this listing up on Friday and I'll post an update here as soon as the buy is launched.

If this goes through with the Ducky Shine 3, I hope there will be an option of a Tenkeyless board. Is that possible?
So I'm a rookie at this -- What happens from this point? When does this poll actually materialize in to our ability to purchase, or at least a step closer to that?
Thanks for the question! Generally speaking, once a buy hits 200 votes, we start reaching out the manufacturers in an effort to have them list on Massdrop for you to purchase.

Stay tuned for an update but rest assured, we've been working on this poll for some time and we'll be able to list a few of the top options eventually.
Which one has the highest build quality?
The Ducky and Filco have the best build quality imo.
Hey guys,

I have added a keyboard tag for this poll :)
this poll needs a mechanical keyboard tag...
There's no information on how to do that. I wanted to.
Do any of these recommendations have a Dvorak switch (besides the CODE)? Would like a MX Brown Dvorak board someday.
what did i just do?
I don't think Corsair or Cooler Master are owned by NewEgg.
Most of these keyboards can be purchased at any time on various sites. Let's leverage the power of the group buy to get access to something rare and difficult to acquire, that's also fantastic. Vote for the Code keyboard please. I've always wanted one, and have never been able to purchase one (they're constantly out of stock). Most importantly, the vote entry doesn't specify the switch type. We need to get MX Clears! Thanks. :)
The entry says "mechanical keyboard w/ mx browns" how does that not specify the switch type?
Are you trolling or are you actually this dumb? Read the name of the poll...
Ducky is good, but overall I prefer Filco. They make some really nice keyboards.
Can we stop votin Ducky Shine? They win every damn poll.
If the ducky shine wins, can we have the version with white LEDs? It would be super cool if so. :]