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Now Available!

Thanks to Sakai for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Mionix Sargas M, L, XXL Mouse Pads drop available.

JaysonMassdrop Buyer

Mionix Sargas M, L, XXL Mouse Pads

Mionix Sargas M, L, XXL Mouse Pads

Can we add or eventually mass drop the Aorus Thunder P3 extended mouse pad? This thing is incredible with its stitched edges, spill resistant technology, optimized 3mm non slip runner base. It runs for a low price of around $20-$30 as well.
Where are the qpads?
Would love to see a successful drop with the MM200 Extended. My friend bought one for $40++ and it is amazing. The foam is dense enough that it doesn't feel spongy, but is also extremely comfortable to rest you palms on. Rubber feet on keyboard grip really well on the pad, but mice (even heavier ones like the G602) Seem to glide across it.
Everyone should forget the other mouse pads, they're just regular cloth or plastic. Checkout the Razer Manticor, it's freaking ALUMINUM!!!!! :D It's different... and different isn't always bad.
I agree, different is nice, but the Artisan pads aren't just "cloth." They are extremely high quality and they come in various sizes and densities. Also the mouse will dictate which type of surface you use as it depends on which type of sensor is in your mouse.
Besides, Razer isn't known for high quality products.
Got a custom Razer Goliathus of the the star citizen website and its fantastic, its very nice and reminds me of the old days of when I used a blotter.
I'm using a Propus currently and it's great for mice with large feet like the G500 or G700. Terrific for lower sensitivity gaming.
The Artisan Hayate is definitely in a category of its own. It's 31.5 inches wide (or has a larger 42 inch version) so it is a nice full size mousepad. It also doesn't have the ugly green logo across the entire surface as the goliathus does.