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To answer your questions, you get a plethora of switch customization options, LED options, choice of different cases with quality materials, and a fully programmable controller. Plus it's just one guy doing all the work. So, to summarize, it's a custom keyboard handmade by GON. This may not be the best idea for a group buy since GON's KeyboardWorks is a one man operation. You'd be in for a looooooong wait.
Julle, thanks for the reply. I can see from your reply how, to some. This handmade keyboard could be worth it. My collection of Mechanical keyboards simply hasn't yet grown to the point where I would appreciate this.
Wow these all look too rich for my blood. What makes these more desirable than a nice Ducky, Das, or Poker?
Nothing. Its not worth it to me, but the hipsters will pay any. Look at this keyboard. $250 plus !!!!!!!!! What a ripoff !!!! I'm telling you its the hipsters fault. I have a Ducky with dye pbt caps and KeyCool with cherry switches