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Now Available!

Thanks to Sc0Ttr0Berts0N for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the GoPro Hero 4 Silver Action Camera drop available.

BrianMassdrop Buyer

GoPro Hero 4 Silver Action Camera

GoPro Hero 4 Silver Action Camera

Gopro hero 4 session is the best. Waterproof without the case, best video quality, and it's more portable.
And what would go better with your new gopro? A 3 axis stabilizer! Set up a poll below.
This is a bit outdated as The hero 3+ black is out of production.
I wonder if retailers are still selling it, though? I think I've seen some on shelves still.
the gopro hero 4 silver is the best of all
Uhhh, technically, NO.