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If HD 58X is really just tweaked 660S for 1/3 of the price,imagine if they made Massdrop HD800 for 400$,that would me epic deal!
It's called the Fostex TH-X00 and it's already on this website.
HD800 man
This poll has become ridiculous. When adding items to a poll, it would be nice if people would look at the original options put there by the OP, and suggest products that are similar price/performance. The cans in this poll are all over the map
Very true. I am familiar with only a part of those headphones and the ones i know are already all over the map. Some are not even filling the requirement of being over 200$, although to be honest that is not much of a filter when you have 200$ cans next to 1000$ cans.
Can we get free stuff
I hope this drop happens (next month) so that I can save up (I being a student)
they just had the HiFiMan 400i's on sale for an entire week for 299
Personally I'd love to see some Hifiman's on Massdrop. Either the 560 or 400i, but for me, the choice between the two really just comes down to price.
btw, there's a deal on the 350 that's ending soon. They are not the 400i, but very close.
Not sure if they are even a bit close tbh. Have you heard them both? If so please share
Audeze doesn't do deals. Not on Massdrop or other. Hifiman has the 400i which is better than original, for aprox same price.