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Come on for some cheap ones the EVGA GeForce GTX 960 and EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti
Why are we voting for the titan x?? Whos going to commit at a starter of 1000. Go for the 980 or 970 sheesh
The 980Ti Zotac AMP Extreme Gets 10Fps more then titan x and runs way cooler!!?!
the 980ti made by gigabyte is stronger than the titan X
why titan X, vote for 980 ti instead??
because this post was probably made way before the 980 ti came out
There's never been GPU deals, and there never will be.
titan X? i already own 2, but i could always use another.
970 lets go
Yea let's see the 970
I started a Processor vote here
Zotac's 980ti AMP edition is the best card here. Period. Please don't miss out on giving it your vote!
Not sure who these silly people are voting for the titan x when the 980 ti has been show to perform just as well as the titan x but for much cheaper, do these people only care about the bragging rights of saying they have a titan vs the value of performance per dollar?

970 is the best card out right now
980ti ftw. Enough for most.
970s all day long
The 980ti is the best option because it is the best card out of the lot for the price and if the 980 is only about 150 dollars cheaper. It would have been nice to see something ike the 970 or the r9 290x on here which appeals the the widest range of consumers but the profit to be made off it is not that significant.
I like pie and you should vote for this
These drops dont really ever materialize. But the 980Ti has got to be the card of choice with a after market cooler.