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No love for the ingersoll rand 1/2 inch impacts?
Milwaukee fuel impacts are beasts. Hi-torque mode will pull just about anything. Even the 1/4” impact driver is legit - I pulled the exhaust header bolts from a 72 Triumph gt6 2liter straight six with really hard to reach bolts with the little impact that could. If you’re going to buy into a system - Milwaukee is the best.
Check out ave aka boltr on YouTube for the best tool tear downs and tests that are independent and not influenced by tool manufacturers for the real low down.
And for the record - not only did I use the 1/4” impact to pull the exhaust header bolts, in some cases I had to use extensions and a u-joint. It should not have worked. After that I pulled the transmission bolts (about a dozem that hold transmission bell housing to engine 1/2” fine thread, torque spec of around 70lbs iirc), disassembled and reassembled the transmission and reinstalled using only the 1/4” impact.
There is very little point in getting the 1/4 drive impact driver with the small battery, at least not for automotive use. Its fine if you want to hang dry wall, or build a shed, or many other around the house uses, but it doesn't have the power to do much but drive screws. For automotive use you really need an 1/2" or 3/8" Impact, not an Impact Driver.
Ingersoll rand 20v tools
Sorry gents but that 1/4" drive impact that's top of the polls right now is only good for interior panels and hose clamps. The community would be best served to look at a quality 3/8" drive to pair with a good breaker bar.
Something like the W5131P is a great all-around cordless impact.
Pretty much, there is really no point buying that. I would go with a 1/2 inch for anything serious.