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Lightsaver layout is too good.
pretty suprised nobody has mentioned how gr8 the Duck Octagon's layout is

too bad it's a custom-made Korean keyboard and thus costs $300+ USD
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meh, i almost never use media/Fn keys and would've probably just disabled them if i bought a Keycool 84
thanks for letting me know, at least
I do like the idea of having a flexible number/arrow cluster over a plain arrow cluster. Num lock is your friend, people.
Any news on why none of these are offered for the current drop of the infinity and whether there will be a future drop featuring one of these?
All I want is a standard 60% ANSI layout keyboard with full programmability. No non-standard key sizes.
Indeed, I'm betting a good number of people voting for the top three don't realize that it's a non-standard layout. It seems odd to skip an option for the many people who find custom keycaps important.
The Smart 68 keyboard is the perfect layout for me. Cursor keys, del, and home/end keys. Holy Grail for me!
I modelled the Holy Grail off of the Smart 68, but got rid of the tsangan modifiers and 7x spacebar so that I could fit 3 1x modifiers on the right of the spacebar.
I prefer your version, the Holy Grail layout, than the Smart68 because of the more standard layout. I like the left bottom modifiers to be all 1.25, because its easier to swap keycaps (especially for mac being the cmd button by the spacebar). I also prefer 3 1x right mods than 2 1.5x. 1x keys is easily available and we dont need no tsangan compatibility keycaps!
I'm really excited about this poll. I use my F keys a lot, so a 60% layout doesn't make a ton of sense, but I love the fully programmable idea enough that I almost got in on the first infinity drop anyway. One of these would be amazing.
I REALLY like the TKL improved, seems an ultimate layout for fast usage.. only two gripes: 1) There are no Fn keys... Seing as this is an Infinity Keyboard poll, it seems a pity to have a keyboard with infinite customizable key layout, but not a way to access them. 2) Seems like a lot of wasted key real estate.. Not suggesting the keyboard be smaller, but rather, may as well use the space for extra keys, menu, app, compose, cut, copy, anything with a keycode really. Main point is to have extra keys to map to awesome stuff.
Well you could assign any key you wanted to be the Fn key. The layout shown would just be an easy default that includes most (all but print screen, scroll lock, and pause) of the keys on a standard tkl board. But you could easily appropriate the bracket or slash keys or some of the thumb keys for fn keys.
Holy shit I want the ISO Layout so bad! I believe there are 0, 60% ISO Layout keyboards. I wanted the Poker II, ended up getting a QKF Rapid
For the love us in the North Europe please vote a iso layout! It's hard to find one whit enough keys for the extra keys needed.
Are the layout schemas coming from some particular place? I'd like to add a 75% option, but I'm not sure where to pick an image from :-/
Use to make whatever you desire!
Ah thanks! I will look into that, but I'm a bit lazy ;) I'll try to find an already made 75% layout which fits me :)
Notice the sizes bigger than 60% I submitted have a single key labeled "ANY" just above the Delete key, since the ESC key is at its usual place, there was one key over... Also the "Low profile case" is a shoddy photoshop.
Hey this is great! I think we should actually split this into two polls however (which I'm going to do right now), one poll for layouts and a separate poll for features. I'm going to remove the features from this poll and put them into a new one that I will post in this discussion.
Cool, thanks. Probably a good idea to sort them out that way.