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I have a Masakage Nakiri and a Takeda Deba from IKEA from a special on Japanese knives they had and they are great
It seems like nobody voting on this poll actually knows anything about knives. Putting brand debates aside, if this were being voted on by the knowledgeable only gyuutous and santokus would be winning.
I recently acquired a new pair of pants with very deep pockets. :) Can't wait to give them a new shiny pocket knife!
Why is the Zeelite in this poll? It's a CHINESE knife
Has anyone considered MAC Knives?
They're great! If you have any questions about them, let me know, I can proably help.
But again, what is the purpose of this poll? 99% of these companys are not going to do a massdrop. Is this a popularity contest? I'm new, so I don't understand. I would have assumed that a poll would be a way to find interest so massdrop could approach a retailer or mfgr and try to negotiate a lower price.
What is the purpose of this "POLL"? There are quite a few great knives on the poll BUT the vast majority of these are NOT likely to be eligible for any group purchasing. IF we were voting on a knife that we'd like to attempt a massdrop on, most of these, and all of the best ones are ineleigible because many are handmade artisan quality or high quality low production number knives. IF we're just voting on "best knife", you're missing a lot of GREAT knives, that have their less costly siblings on the list.
IF we're voting just for "best", what good is it? Who does it affect If I think a handmade Kramer (as opposed to a Henckels Kramer) , handmade Ken Onion or handmade Katsutoshi Anru is "the best". Isn't the purpose of massdrop to make a group purchase offer to a retailer for a lower retail price? And if one of those wins, what good does it do anyone in the community just to have a winner if we can't get a better deal?
That's exactly what I wanted to ask. What is the point of voting on low production, premium quality knives if we can never strike a deal with the manufacturer for a drop?
I added some more reasonably priced options from a retailer who does custom orders. I have one knife in the Gesshin Stainless series and it is very sturdy, and takes a nice edge. Shaving sharp after a touch up on my 6000 waterstone.
Takeda knives are awesome but for that price tag you could easily have 2 great carbon steel knives. Personally I prefer the santoku profile but to each their own. The Moritaka Gyuto 210mm can be had for almost half the price of a Takeda and quality is just as good.
Some people don't want to deal with carbon steel and just want a stainless.
I have a damascus kramer knife and I love it, I think these are beautiful and considered an heirloom piece that you can pass onto grandkids.
haha, you nailed it.
I own two Takeda knives. Great stuff.
They're way too bloody expensive. They're so pretty though.
Seriously? We couldn't even get the MACs to the lowest drop, and you guys are voting for Takeda ?!
I wonder if those who vote actually look at the price tag before going click frenzy..
These are $300 ++ !!
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Totally on point here. I tried to get a drop rolling for Yoshihiro Cutlery, they are based in Beverly Hills,CA so turnaround time should be super quick. Their knives are very affordable and provide excellent value for money.
Alas, never heard back from massdrop, despite 400+ votes on that poll
would have been nice to source a drop from a local business...
I don't even cut bread with my bread knife. My gyuto goes through bread faster.