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Any updates?
For those of you who can't wait, their regular stock currently ins't in, but they do have their limited B-Stock which have minor cosmetical imperfect with no differences in performance and being priced at $299.
We should still continue voting, but just so you guys are aware I was talking with a JDSLabs associate on the head-fi forum and he said that the Element was aggressively priced at $349 as it was and that they have very little stock to keep up with the orders coming in. They might be able to drop it in the future , so again keep the votes coming in. But, just know that it might be a while.
oh.. I'm dying for JDS element!
Has JDS Labs a history in releasing items for Massdrop?
I'd really love to see the Element get dropped. It's a new (Summer '15) product, and I don't think many people are aware of it, but it seems like a better DAC than the ODAC and provides lower noise than the O2, plus an incredible design. I'm contemplating buying one direct, but it'd be awesome if we could get a group buy going on this.
I totally agree. Going from 0.54 ohms of output impedance to 0.1 is a huge the reduction in noise. And given the Element's $349 price point it has definitely become the new price to performance sweet spot, it's just that people haven't realized it yet.
I see that you have the same username here as you do on head-fi.