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I've waited so long for those rainbow jellies.
Are the pink Vortex keycaps the only bi-color ones still available? I'd love to get some of the blue ones, I've seen them around...
I would pay an absurd amount of money to get my hands on a set of these
Me too but dont give Massdrop any ideas friend! They charge enough as it is it hurts an ozbargainer such as myself!
Finally a chance to get my hand on these beautiful caps
Are the rainbow jellies actually going to be available? what is the MOQ quoted?
I hope so. I've been trying to track these down for the last few months, and I've found a site in idonesia that sells them was the source
Rp. 450,000.00 to dollars (canadian) is around 48 dollars.
I was so told Feng from geekhack was selling these a year ago, but has no more in stock.
If this drop goes through, I'm definitely getting at least one set. Keycool rainbow keycaps look terrible on backlit keyboards if you are going for the marshmallow like glowing effect.
I've sworn not to buy another set of caps, but if this one comes through it'd be the exception.