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Hey everyone! Thanks for voting in this poll, I have been in the works with AntLion for quite a while to get you one of your top choices and it's live on the site.

If you want more products like this, just let me know by making a poll and I will do everything I can!
dat 708Ti and G502 tho
Seems that the mod mic has dropped
when is this going to happen?????
I just want to vote for everything :(
Even the USB Hole Warmer? :p
Is this ever going to happen or what ?
Tottaly buying keyboard or modmic here if they go on discount!
sooooooooo when is corsair going to be contacted? lol
The Oculus dev kit, the first one, has lower resolution than the second version. If this poll is for the second one, then I'd say you should have no concerns about resolution.
....this is when we need more than 3 votes hehe
P.S. why are the RGB everyone's votes? they're changing colors LEDs on a normal mech keyboard...
Any more info from the folks at Antlion?
WHen do we buy?
Hey, I want to give an update to everyone in this poll to let them know a bit about what is going on.

Corsair - We are currently in the process of setting up relations with Corsair, but they are going to want to start with their other keyboards before letting us have the RGB ones.

Noctua - I have been in contact with the CEO of Noctua, but I haven't heard anything concrete from them as of yet.

One Plus One - We reached out to them before they got incredibly popular, and they looked into Massdrop and informed us that they couldn't work with us right now.

Dell - This may be possible to do again, however we are looking into monitors with different refresh rates right now to offer a bit of variety. That product initially was for a 4K Monitors for Developers poll, and that use case didn't really need a different refresh rate.

Modmic - We've run these before, and they've been wildly popular. I'm in contact directly with them, and as soon as we can get enough together to do a drop these will be on Massdrop.

I'll post some more updates when I know more, and in the meantime I will continue to discuss with Corsair if it is at all possible to get their RGB LED keyboards, but it may be a rather long timeline before anything happens.

It may actually be faster to just build RGB LED keyboards ourselves!
The non-RGB corsair keyboards are still fantastic. The LEDs do tend to die, but they send replacements promptly.
Glad to see the mod mic has a chance. Would love to buy one, but can't justify the $49.95 price. At that price I might as well just get a Blue Snowball.
First poll I've gotten to where 3 votes isnt enough...
Is it too soon to add the Acer XB280HK, since it doesn't have a price or release date yet? It's a 4K monitor with G-Sync.
Just a heads up for people wanting a 4K monitor, the Dell P2815Q only runs at 30Hz. A better option would be either the Asus PB287Q or Samsung U28D590D, since they both have the same panel that can run at 60Hz. I'd pick the Asus monitor because the stand is adjustable and costs a bit less than the Samsung monitor.

I understand that the Dell is IPS (the others have faster TN panels) and refresh rates on a 4K monitor will be lower with current GPUs initially anyway, but I'd think that a higher refresh rate would be would probably be a better experience by the time people upgrade their GPUs, imho. I'd rather not get stuck with a 30Hz (even if the colors may be better) monitor since I don't really plan on replacing it within the next couple of years.

Another option is the really pretty Ultrawide LG 34" monitor. It's more likely that people have a GPU that can run games at a playable FPS on it. B&H has it available for pre-order at $899 right now: