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everybody talking about razer and corsair and then there is just budget me sitting over here wishing upon a star for a MechanicalEagle Z-77
I voted for the 30 eggs (right at the bottom)
If this gets reduced below the amazon price I'm sold!
In general, razer products aren't the greatest. They are nearly as bad as apple. IMO, the corsair ones are better.
Razer Blackwidow RGB lights spoil easily. I dont mean not working at all but the individual lights in the switch do. Next thing you'll have is one ugly key missing a red or blue colour which makes it look out of place. I've always wondered how to change them and i can't get hold of a single individual rgb switch to replace it with.
Other than that though the switches themselves are really good. Like the Cherry MX's blues for their clicking and reds for the sensitivity? Well to me razer has managed to combine both perfectly together. It also comes with the benefit of not being as noisy as a normal blue to annoy everyone around you.
Wheres the corsair strafe???
Corsair RGB K95 the best :)
If the k70 rgb goes up, my wallet is going to walk away crying.
Razer products fall apart quickly. If you don't have large hands go for the Corsair K70, if you do have large hands go for the G710+ or the G910. Can't speak for any others.
I tried both the Razer BlackWidow Chroma and the Corsair RGB K95. The Chroma was an ok keyboard but I just didn't get the same feel from the keys that I got from the K95. I got the Cherry MX Red keyset on the K95. If they had come in Cherrry MX Blue, I may have considered that one instead though. I am truly in love with this keyboard. It's great to type on if you have to do lots of document type of stuff though it really excels when you are using it for specialty uses, such as for MMO games or design and or programming.
The only downside I have for the keyboard, is the ability to program it's color setups beyond just the basics. I like the idea of using it for a light show and I've downloaded many other peoples profiles for that purpose. I am attempting to learn how to design my own, but the learning curve for this is a bit steep for me. I've done some basic programming before, but nothing like this sort of thing so it's taking me a while. It helps to have gotten other peoples profiles so I could see their programming to help me learn the concept. One of the days I'll make the Superman 'S' Shield to display correctly.
I wish there was a better tutorial or programming document from Corsair for this. It would also be nice if Corsair kept a large download catalog for profiles for these light shows for the various keyboards. I had to find most of the profiles on third party websites and on youtube.
Other then this one area, the keyboard is great. Being able to set each key to be whatever you want, either key or color or both, is an awesome feature. I'm even contemplating buying a 2nd keyboard with blank keys that I can program each key to be used with my design program and then just be able to use the color coding to tell me what each key does depending on which design program I'm running at the time.
Good luck to everyone, hope my feedback will help some, and may you find the right keyboard to fit your needs!
I can't believe why people like the K70 RGB so much. It's LED lights are all over the place, and when you look from the side, you can see the ugly half-transparent white plastic under the key caps. Razer's Blackwidow looks so slick and it has so much better lighting.
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Some people like the look of the keys from the side (me included).
But the Black widow doesn't have media keys
just avoid that mad catz thing, its a hunk of crap even at 200 dollars.
if the rgb k70 gets down a decent amount im sold instantly
agreed with this fella, that board is awesome.
Me too! :)