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Damm son.
Sorry folks, we can't do graphics cards. Gotta close this poll, but we will be launching more potatoes as soon as we have the chance.
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Well that was the only thing I was here for... bye.
gtx 980! I already ordered mine from Amazon but they're taking forever to ship and they'll be out of stock for another 2 weeks! I will buy two of these if they're available!
Will I get notified if this gets mass dropped?
how cheap does the 970 become
Hoping for brand new cards that are constantly out of stock is unrealistic. I say vote for the older gen's.
Is this even possible though?
I would love to see the twin frozr V win for once, that card is alot better than people think.
How much will the card go down in price?
Gigabyte G1 and Asus STRIX are popular right now because they're the most widely available. Eurogamer's Digital Foundry loved the MSI Twin Frozr edition, and everyone agrees: Stay the hell away from EVGA until they fix their cooling issues.
If you look at the reviews, the EVGA model has some pretty terrible ones. I don't really know why anyone is voting for that one or any of the 700 series--- NVIDIA cut prices drastically and increased performance as well as efficiency so much with the next gen that unless you have a budget of 250< there really is no reason to buy a 700 series.
Dat Gigabyte 970 needs to go higher, come on! What's with all the eVGA?
980 superclocked please... I would buy it in a heart beat
If you want cards that are the best price/performance and performs excellent with overclocking get those MSI 970 and 980 G on here!
let's get a 970 or 980 to number 1! the 700 series cards have already dropped a lot in price
980 or 970 pls
I would love to have the Strix or GigaByte G1 if it wins, I would go for a 980 if it goes down enough
Doubt it will, but I'm pushing for those two as well.
Some of the EVGA ones (970 GTX, 980 GTX) had some pretty bad reviews. Cooler issues. The Gigabyte G1 is the good choice.
I will buy that 980 SO fast if it wins. This is just in time for my new custome build!
/u/BioticAsariBabe is me, 970 FTW