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Now Available!

Thanks to SatanOffspring for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Seeed Raspberry Pi 3 B w/ Starter Kit drop available.

KristianMassdrop Buyer

Seeed Raspberry Pi 3 B w/ Starter Kit

Seeed Raspberry Pi 3 B w/ Starter Kit

Guys vote for this poll, 128 gb Microsd
The Raspberry Pi 2 is the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B - why is the same thing listed twice? The image for the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B is actually the Raspberry Pi model B.
Based on the pricing we are receiving, it doesn't look like a group buy for the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B would make sense. It is already available online at a very good price
I'll update everyone if something changes in the near future.
Still a great price. Thanks for the legwork! (Now I know where to find one for the actual 35 bucks.)
Any update on this drop?
Any update?
The odroids are so much better than the RPis. Odroids sepetate usb and ethernet into seperate busses so there is significantly less bottlenecking. Also the eemc module is a huhe plus..
Hey guys,
We are currently in talks with Seeed Studio regarding this poll and will update you guys soon.
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The pricing we received from Seeed Studio didn't work for a group buy. We have already made calls to other vendors and are getting quotes.
We also don't want to keep you guys waiting, so if we don't have anything in the next week, I'll let you guys know.
One thing I wanted to make clear is that we are specifically working on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B that was released in February.
Hope this gives a better picture to everyone. I will post again later next week with the final update.
Odroid-c1 is superior to rbp2. Vote Odroid.
The C1 is still pretty unstable, whereas the community/support for the pi2 is much better : \ Otherwise, the C1 would be fantastic. Also, for the C1, you really need to buy the eMMC if you want to fully utilize it as well as their DC power adapter, which brings the price point up pretty significantly. Everybody has spare micro-SD laying around.
You can use a microSD for booting, and you can get a usb to a dc connector for 2$ from amazon. Also the RBP 2 isn't super stable either. Camera flashes cause it to kernel panic. the Odroid-c1 is still the superior option.
So, the item noted "Raspberry Pi 2 Model B" is actually a photo of the Raspberry Pi (1) Model B. Hence the reason the "Raspberry Pi 2" is likely also getting votes, but is presumably the same item.
Hi couldn't find a decent picture of the pi 2 on google but the product link is for the pi 2. SO if it does win it will be for the new raspberry pi 2 model b
Here is the very first search result on Google image search: