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Now Available!

Thanks to kunalkumar for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Overcast DSA Custom Keycap Set drop available.

YanboMassdrop Buyer

Overcast DSA Custom Keycap Set

Overcast DSA Custom Keycap Set

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Any Chance to get a Star Citizen Layout?
Coz their Layout is not easy to memorize...
Please drop this again D:
For the e-homing set will there be replacement 'F' and 'J' keys?
Very much yes. white/orange/black is an excellent colour scheme.
Yes!!! Been waiting for an orange and light coloured DSA set for awhile. Only thing that would be amazing is if it was thick PBT, but we can't have it all.
Ugly :(
Planck support is Noice!
Any chance for Mac modifiers?
Will the "bars and blanks" kit support Corsair? I.e. 6.5 units (123mm wide, 3 mounts, 52.25mm apart), per
6.5 U bars will be available.

There's a huge updated coming in a few minutes!
Thanks for the reply, compatibility with Corsair got me to join this.
Alps Options???
Planck support plz!
Completely supported!
I can't see it in the link you provided. And don't tell me to use blanks, blanks are not support :) For Planck support it would need 1u alt shift meta menu lower upper...
Because of many requests, here's a 100% render.

There are hundreds of possible combinations for the keycaps we will have, this is one of them!

Many more renders will be released soon, stay tuned.
The DE compability kit is not very useful for us Finns, we use the SW layout.
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Thank you for the heads up!

Do you know if the DK kit is correct?
Not entirely sure. Googling "Danish keyboard layout" got me this image

which would suggest the \ and | characters are in the wrong places. Anyone from Denmark able to confirm?
I don't think I will ever get over waiting months for Cospar SA only to get burned when MiTo EDIT: decided that he was too frustrated to finish the project.

It was going to be my first keyset but instead basically turned me off of the hobby. MiTo, if you're listening.... bring us Cospar.....