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Hey guys, we aren't able to do SSDs, no matter how cool they are. The manufacturers simply don't make pricing available that allows for group purchasing.
why is nobody asking for the 1tb drive? those are ridiculous and if you can get one for around 100 bucks on here, i just might jizz my pants
since the 850mis just out i highly doubt that we will be able to get a discount on it, but still lets try!
850 pro for sure, but 250 is a bit small
There's only one next gen SSD on the market - 850 Pro. So this poll makes no sense.
agreed, i see other polls where they all vote for cheap ssd's I'm hopeful that this poll can grab all of those who wish to get the 850. ITS GOING TO LOOK AWESOME IN MY BUILD!!!
The 850 pro is now the top dog performance wise. Let's get er done.