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Ho ho what's this!? An audiophile poll on Massdrop that hasn't been polluted up by the ATH-M50X? Impossible!
Hahahahaha.... right? I think the m50x is the most overhyped headphone in history...
We all know which one is going to win.... The m50xes again.
HD598 please, not everyone here is rich...
Would like to see more Fidelio
Would like to see more Fidelio
you said that twice
Come on HD 650 pleeeeeease!
Philips Fidelio X2, people. Please make it happen ☺
Philips Fidelio X2, people. Please make it happen
Just a suggestion, shouldn't the HE400i and HE560i supplant the older versions? If makes more sense to sell those versus trying to get the older versions, since the news ones sound better and are more comfy.
surprised that the Sennheiser 598's Hifiman he400's and DT 880s have more votes than the Philips Fidelio X2's and the AKG 712's.
It's because we all have the X2's already
I find the Sennheiser HD600 to be the best headphones ever. Even over the high-end headphones I've tried. I am voting for HD650 however since it is the highest voted and for selfish reasons... so that I can have both the HD600 and HD650 :)
It is truly disappointing that Sennheiser HD 650 has more votes over more neutral/realistic/accurate Sennheiser HD 600 and Philips Fidelio X2.
I agree. I liked the 600 over the 650. Got the Philips 9500 for $50 and they kick butt. I can't imagine how good the X2 are. Philips just needs to run some specials on their most expensive/best phones. The X2s for $175 and they are mine.
It's great to hear that you're also a fan of 600 and X2 over the 650. It would be wonderful for the either to drop here rather than the cyclical lowrange/midrange headphones (looking at you M50). They may be easier on the wallet, but they are placed comparatively low in the diminishing rate of return when we can enjoy the equilibrium of value for not too much extra.
I want hd650
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Sonic Electronix has a deal on the hd650s, but you have to PM him through Head Fi which means it's too low to publish. I have done business with these folks before. No problems.
$274 at Adorama now through Deal News with rebate
so is the HD650 happening?
See my comments below
$274 at Adorama now with rebate throught Deal News
Lets get some HD 650s...
I've seen the hd650's at the top of a lot of polls, but haven't seen them offered on MD in the 4 or 5 months I've been coming here. I'd love to see them here (with shipping to Canada).
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Thanks for the tip Dab.
burn one.
Your welcome. I actually sent back a pair of 600s and 650s to Adorama because they just didn't seem all that special sounding to me. I think the Beyerdynamics and Philips Fidelio offer better sound for the price.
Have the 598s ever been dropped? I'd totally like to pick up a pair.
Fidelio X2's were the big new thing I thought...need to combine my music and gaming with a boom-pro mic and that seems like the best option.
...still waiting....
Hey everyone,
Thanks for voting! We are looking into the top options.
So when is this drop coming?
why everyone keep voting for Beyerdynamic and hardly anyone buys in the drop....
That Beyer isn't looking much like a Beyer...