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I have the regular Sew EZI. Now that I have a larger sewing machine, I want the Grande. I love these table and have people asking about mine when I take it to classes and retreats. When you get to sewing fast there is very little vibration.
When I've looked at these at large quilt show SewEzi typically does free shipping if you order at the show.
I have had a SewEZi table for years and love it. At least 10 of us got together and make a group purchase. SewEZi was willing to ship for free as soon as we had 10 committed purchases. Perhaps Massdrop could get SewEZi to set up a group purchase to pay full price with free shipping (saved about $65 a few years ago). I know 2 people who are looking for a group purchase.
Hi @Ruthi, I've reached out to SewEzi recently and they have expressed they are not looking for more internet distribution. I will contact them again though and keep you all posted.
we only need one more vote to get this item on our buy list!!! Yipee!
Voted for the Gidget II since Sew Ezy isn't willing to work with us. This got good reviews at market.
Hi @Lynda,
I met with Arrow at Market and they are not interested in working with our community either. They feel they have enough internet distribution and are only taking on LQS's. We'll continue to look for other sewing tables. If you find anything you're interested in add it to the poll.
I own two of the Arrow tables and they are nice. Was worth the buy. Too bad I didn't know about Massdrop when I bought them. Hope you can get them for a reasonable price. They are sturdy.
Hi All,
I spoke to SewEZI today and they are unwilling to work with the group. They currently do not have any distributors and feel that business model is serving them well. Please keep voting and sharing this so we can continue to let them know how much interest there is!
Hi All!
I have reached out to SewEzi to see if they are interested in working with the group. I'll keep you posted!
Love my SewEZI portable table for taking to retreats. Wheels and nice bag come with the table. It is easy to roll where ever you want to sew.
Any hopes of getting for sale on Massdrop.
I want this!
Wondering if this item will be available for purchase?
I know this table is very stable and is easy to take with you on quilt retreats. A must buy!
The SewEZi portable sewing table is highly recommended by members of The Quilt Show. Great to use in small spaces, take to retreats and classes. No more using folding tables that are too high and hard on your back!
Yes I am wondering if this may be a drop