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Could someone add the Steel Series Apex M500 keyboard? I'd love to get one
This poll is full of casuals
I love razer. Their products are decently made, advanced, and very modern. Yes, Razer can be pretty expensive. But if you don't have that kind of money, then you do not have to buy it. You ARE partly paying for the name, but what is wrong with that? Right now Razer is at the top of the market when it comes to RGB and LED lighting. Also what's wrong with being a Razer enthusiast? If you don't like them, DON'T BUY FROM THEM! You don't need to talk trash. At least they are like Apple, paying COMPLETELY for the name, and nothing else. Haha lol.
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Wouldn't say that their products are decently made given the terrible quality control they have.
Not really sure what you mean by 'advanced,' their keyboards don't have any outstanding features other than appealing to fanboys.
Why do you even come here to see razer products if you don't even like them. Go somewhere else.
[Mind yourself]
As someone who comes here primarily for the niche/enthusiast keyboard stuff, I really don't understand the Chroma or K70 in these polls. There's nothing special about them, and even when they are here in bundle deals, you only end up saving a couple bucks here in exchange for waiting weeks for them to arrive. It's not like they're rare or anything, so why not just buy them from Best Buy or Amazon?
I mean, it's not like it keeps me from getting the cool stuff I buy on here, and it gets more people interested in mech boards, but I seriously don't understand why more people don't use these polls to generate interest/buyers for something that's harder to get a hold of.
Waiting for Ducky Shine 5 and The Secret Mouse which is made of PBT.
Vote for Garbage!
Im new so when can I buy it from sale?
This website is for enthusiast product at good prices. Not your everyday retail store garbage. Only choice for me is Garbage. Razer not even once.
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Razer enthusiast? Really. That's like being the King of a garage sale. Their stuff is niche at best. They don't have any noticeably great features and are only sold on the words Game/Gamer/Gaming . Like I said this is a website for enthusiast product at good prices. You can find these anywhere for a decent price not a good one because you could go for the extra $6 and land yourself with something far better.
I agree the quality isn't the best, but they do have the best RGB LEDs on the market right now. I actually was going to get one due to how bright the LEDs were until I tried it IRL. Just felt too cheap to justify the price. Went with the K70 RGB instead, which ironically I got for 40 bucks cheaper and is way better built.
Garbage Master Race! Wait what
these are all garbage keyboards. if you really want an mlg 420 keyboard just get the new ducky shine 5 rgb. no one has made a good rgb keyboard so far. even royal kludge, a way smaller company than corsair and razer, made a better one with a standard bottom row and a decently customizable software.
I purchased a Blackwidow over 3 years ago, and I would never recommend it to anyone, I ended up buying a much cheaper 60% Noppoo choc mini which feels better, ghosts less, and double presses less, the Blackwidow was far too big, far too clunky, and way to over priced. Razer products are a rip off for the quality. It's bad for typing, and it's bad for gaming.
Guys if you think switches are made anywhere other than china...LOL. why hate on something that won a vote for a massdrop? want a diff keyboard vote some place else :)
Its an amazing keyboard, I had one but I spilled milk on it, dont let numbnuts on a discussion sway your decision.
The Razer Blackwidow Chroma looks sick
I blame the "Cheap Chinese Switches" .
If they passed on the savings from from using non-Cherry switches it might not be as much as a pain but they haven't.
This keyboard is awful. No customization, even close enough to compare to the K70 RGB. Don't buy into a name people.....
I purchased the new Blackwidow ultimate with the supposed "super switches" as their claiming. They wre awful. A lot of people are telling me I may have bought one from a defective batch but for the price we shouldn't be seeing such significant defects.
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Meanwhile I wait for the Pok3r to drop in price...
Uhh to be honest, I doubt they will. The Poker II stayed $120 til it got discontinued. Might as well just pull the trigger now or get a used one for cheaper from /r/mechmarket