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Now Available!

Thanks to sebatron for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Seiko "Fifty Fathoms" SNZH Watch drop available.

VincentMassdrop Buyer

Seiko "Fifty Fathoms" SNZH Watch

Seiko "Fifty Fathoms" SNZH Watch

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Aren't these discontinued now?
Just put either on a NATO. No matter if it's the bracelet or the rubber. Drop already!
Any news on this? I want the 007 with the jubilee bracelet so bad lol.
Did you guys ever witnessed if there were any SKX007 drops at Massdrop ?
Gonna get one just to put a NATO on anyway, so rubber for me
Hey guys we have 1400 votes whats the status of the drop?
This was too slow, bought other one at leovanwatches
Come on! Why are you voting on the 007 that haven't got manual winding? Vote for the 009;)
Hoping for a SKX007J1; the japanese version:

It can be modded with beautiful results:
Any news bout this? Really interested.
How many Votes do we need until we can buy the SKX 007??
898 votes. Lol. Not gonna happen :(
We're over 1000 votes now, is this going to happen?
I've seen 007k2 with jubilee bracelets for $180... Rubber for $150. Rubber looks horrible though.
Either way. I have been looking for the 007 for months at the right price!!!
In the long run its much cheaper to buy the 007k2 with jubilee bracelet. Most people will buy bracelets for their rubber strap as a replacement. The jubilee is far better quality then the rubber and new bracelets cost $50 plus.
I have the SKX007K on rubber. The rubber strap isn't very good. I would definitely recommend any SKX on a bracelet because it's a better value.
I have the SKX007 and I love it. It's an awesome watch, and it's certainly taken a beating while showing very little wear.
Need this drop, and a good price of course
So when is this drop happening? Ill be in day one!