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Guys everyone would love an Apple watch plus nobody has an iPhone 4s anymore. WatchOS 2 is gonna come out and make an amazing device even better. Vote on it and we could possibly get the most expensive smart watch for a fair price.
It's not about whether the apple watch is better or not, it's whether they actually can negotiate a deal on it. Isn't Apple notorious for its minimum retail selling prices? I may be wrong idk
Ugh. Apple watch. No thanks.
Couldn't agree more. No thank you.
I've read really good things about the pebble. I'm curious if these are this gen or last gen.
I know last gen batteries last 7 days, and I'm fairly certain the new gen do too, but are slightly less thick.
The Sony has slipped under the radar. Because it has the dual display modes it has multi-day battery life!
Thank you for your input!
The apple watch sucks. You have to have an iPhone 5 or higher running the latest IOS software.
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Then get the pebble steel. it has the essentials.
I have that, so if that is the only reason it sucks.. then it doesn't suck.