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Now Available!

Thanks to Chinguin for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the DSA Dolch Key Set drop available.

KunalMassdrop Buyer

DSA Dolch Key Set

DSA Dolch Key Set

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why the winners of the poll skull squadron not be relive?
Are you just going through the winners of the poll? Does that mean penumbra is next?
Thanks for the chance to get some of these past sets. It would be great if some of the other sets were given a shot too, like miami or evangelion, the next go-round :D
I would freaking LOVE either of Miami or Evangelion!
Miami Twice is available right now on
Skull Squadron is live on the site right now!

It's in DCS profile with sculpted keycaps instead of DSA with flat uniform keycaps from previous runs and there are a couple other modifications to the set.

Thanks for voting on this and I'm already trying to set this up to be a more recurring sort of listing because I know how much you all like these sorts of drops.
Upcoming keycaps: Vote here
Gotta have that Space Cadet.
Just arriving in this scene and seeing all the things I've missed is a sort of torture.
Yesss. Penumbra in the lead. If that hits, oh dear god.
MD, have you contacted any of the original designers regarding a group buy on their design?
You betcha! Great things are coming!
Thanks! ETA? Which sets?
I would kill for the miami or glow in the dark purple set. Lets get this going!
Will there be ISO versions/kits?
Why not do an original work instead of taking sets that people already designed? There was a lot of hard work put into these sets by the people who designed them.
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I don't understand this attitude. Do you guys complain when someone puts up a poll featuring Corsair or Ducky keyboards instead of designing/tooling/mass-producing their own?

The designer of the set is free to say "no." FWIW, I at least was not aware that free sets were a thing. I want the keycaps produced and available to me. I'm more than happy to pay for them.
There's a huge difference there. Ducky and Corsair are the ones selling their keyboards. They are seeing the benefit of their investment.

On the other hand, these are sets that people have designed and sold through group buys on other sites. They invested time and, oftentimes, money into getting the sets right. If you take their design without their permission, you are stealing all the work they put into it. If they gave the go ahead, that would be one thing, but to just take their design without asking for permission first, that's wrong.

And, so you know, the person/team that designed most of the key cap sets up there is opposed to them being run on MassDrop at this time. If they do it, they want to be the ones to organize it with MassDrop so that it stands up to their quality standards, just like Matt3o did with Granite when it was rerun through here.
Sort of seems like you are just fishing to get a free set...
I have posted 3 successful polls and have not received any complimentary products for any of my polls. There is no more policy that successful poll starters get the item complimentary as the poll success as far as I'm aware of.