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Now Available!

Thanks for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Topre Realforce RGB Mechanical Keyboard drop available.

BrianMassdrop Buyer

Topre Realforce RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Topre Realforce RGB Mechanical Keyboard

I like how the Realforce 10th is present in this poll despite the fact that it was limited to a production run of 1000 (999 if you count out mine which I'm not selling).
I am incredibly interested on the FC660C. Please open it up for a Drop. I would love to save some cash on that board. If not, looks like I'll spend the $220 to buy one from a reseller.
FC660C > HHKB if you have to have Topre, otherwise ortholinear is where it's at.
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Everything has a small market share when it starts out. Hopefully Jonathan Ive will see someone using an Ergo at Apple and have another "revelation". Until then we do our best to educate.
this is something i'm actually very curious about. I just ordered a FC660C and I'm curious how I will react. I never tried the HHKB
Waiting on that HHKB Type S
How long does it take for the drops to be available. It seems a lot of the feedback I read on this website is all about delays in dropping items and more so on the shipping times.
I'd just say you really need to sell HHKB, whichever model, here, but I won't be in as I'll get one in Japan myself.
Interesting results! My current favorite is the black non-printed HHKB Pro 2 with DIY silencing and printed alphanumeric keycaps. I did not know about the lack of FCC approval. How is it that other vendors can list, sell, and ship the HHKB in the USA?
Filco is not Topre.
Yes, it is. The FC660C is Topre. The FC660M is MX.
Hey everyone. We are working on getting some Topre boards up, but the HHKB is very unlikely going to show up. Because it isn't FCC approved we can't list it and ship it. I don't understand the legality of it entirely or why individuals can get it, but this is the word passed down from on high. If anything changes I'll update everyone. Thanks all.
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Any news?
I am seriously interested in seeing the FC660C as a Drop. Please make it happen!
Its better if you use arrow keys frequently like i do when i am overclocking in a bios. For example.
well I bought both and the Leopold is definitely better. those arrow keys make a big difference surprisingly
Well there is a big difference between 60% and TKL layouts. Some people like one while some like another. Honestly I love my hhkb but it takes time to get used to it but the longer you use it the more you'll love it. Your fingers always cover 100% of the board without need to ever move your hands left or right. Isn't that a good reward for some initial inconvenience? :)
I am the 1003rd vote on thise... i need dis board. Under 200 preferable Do they have a high MOQ or something?
Will this drop ever happen? 888 votes already.
yep would jump on HHKB
HHKB Pro 2, would buy instantly
787 votes... when will this drop?
GOGO on HHKB, I instabuy.
so hhkb pro 2 wins. 282 votes. when you gonna give us an option?