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FYI, I have an MA-WTB43BK and my experience with it was god awful. I won't even sell it to another person because it's so bad. 1. The ball doesn't fit in the cavity, scrapes against the top... Using an m570 ball made this better only after I sanded the cavity down slightly. 2. It has an insane amount of HARDWARE acceleration that is not adjustable. You definitely want to turn off the windows acceleration (enhance pointer precision). Even with that off, the acceleration is still far more than regular trackballs with windows acceleration enabled. It's basically unusable. 3. It's smaller than it looks. With my (kind of large) hands resting, the ball sits on the joint of my thumb, rather than the meat. The m570 fits my hand better and this is far less comfortable to use. If you have smaller hands, this might fit great.