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Anyone know of a trackball that would work with Android/the Samsung Dex? I've looked around a bit but can find none.
Hey Everyone!
We just launched another CST Trackball! A little bit more colorful though :)
Check it out:
Thanks a lot!
Everyone who missed out last time, we are re-running the CST LaserTRAC Trackball with both options available at checkout.
The buy for the CST Trackball is live now, go get your optimal input device!
Could you add the option to choose between the two main models? Really keen for the model with stereo jacks to add extra switches. From what ive seen they arnt that much more than the model without.
There's no reason to Massdrop the M570 when it's not that expensive. I would prefer the CST L- Trac or the SlimBlade
I'm a big fan of the Kensington Expert Mouse. The large billiard sized ball allows momentum. The four buttons are beautifully placed, can be programmed however you like, and even support chording. (Two buttons clicked at once to perform an additional action.) The scroll wheel works nice and smoothly.
That said, it's not perfect. I wish that scroll wheel had momentum so you could just spin it. The software *used* to be able to set up different actions based on which application you were in. I REALLY wish they would bring that feature back.
Even so, this is still the best, highly ergonomic trackball I've yet discovered. "Trackballs" with little marble sized balls are just lousy ergonomically, not to mention downright silly. (IMHO)
What are your specific applications / activities where significant momentum is helpful? The chording is a unique ability, but pretty much every good pointer these days has fully programmable buttons.
I do programming, so I use a 30" monitor. Being able to whiz the pointer across the screen is a huge help, but there's still enough precision that I can do detail work.
I own the M570 as well, and it's a good trackball to use with a laptop in that it doesn't take a lot of space, and it's easy to transport in a laptop bag. That said, I'm hoping for a larger trackball for everyday desktop use.
I own 3 Logitech M570s. For the average user, there's no better trackball on the market. The design is perfectly ergonomic and unless you have some strange need for ultra-precision beyond even the most demanding users, the M570 will do what you need. The M570 has two main buttons, two side buttons and the middle mouse button. The only features I miss are side-press buttons on the scroll wheel, and "speed-scroll" when the scroll wheel spins freely without detents to stop it. The battery lasts very...very long, and the software will even warn you when it's getting low. M570 uses Logitech's unifying receiver, which is not a bluetooth, but it's small and easily stays in the USB port when packing a laptop, or stores inside the battery compartment on the M570.
Finally, consider that Logitech customer support is phenomenal. I have called them when previous products have failed (after many years of heavy use but warranty is up to 5 years on some items) and they just replace them without question, without asking for the original product to be returned.
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It's mainly for speed and accuracy. I have an M570 and a few CSTs and an A4Tech, among others, but finger balls are far more precise. The -5W CSTs also allow you to add buttons, so you can put the left/right buttons under your thumb for more convenience, or move them to the right side to use it like a thumbball.
had an M570 for a month and my thumb hated it. honestly, you don't have much precision with your thumb, but you have much finer tactile control utilizing your other fingers. Thumbs are inherently non-precise, they mostly just curl and allow the ability to grip objects.
Vote for the CST2545-5W (L-TRAC)! It's got 2 extra ports to add switches/buttons.
I absolutely love my CST L-Trac, thing is built like a tank.
And don't forget you can replace the trackball with a standard size billiard ball!
so excited this mass drop pulled through for the CST! I don't have one yet and can't wait till they put up the drop!
Glad to see potential for a CST drop! I am curious though if this would be the three button or five button model, though either would be a win. Edit: I see the five button model was added as a separate entity. Very cool.
The Sanwa is my number one choice. In fact, I'd buy 2.
We need more guys for thumb sanwa!
I reached out to Clearly Superior Tech and we are in the middle of discussing a drop. Keep watching this poll for updates!
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Sample is on the way as of this morning! As soon as it arrives, we can go live and get you all your trackballs.
Thanks Andrew! You guys rock!
Just in case anyone is interested in the Sanwa MA-WTB40BK BLUETOOTH Trackball, it is NOT Bluetooth compatible (from the official product page and manual). It uses a 2.4 GHz wireless USB receiver like many of the other wireless mice and trackballs available. There are also some features that do not work on Mac OS X.
Just in case it seemed a little too expensive, the Sanwa MA-TB39 is actually being sold at closer to USD30, not USD3,000, as the item description on Massdrop states. Would someone be kind enough to update that, please?
Thanks, but I think I have put 30$ and it shows 30.00 so I guess its ok
FooFickle can you add the pricing and information on the other trackballs? would be helpful! :-)
Hey guys. I just added the CST L-Trac. Seemed like a no brainer as it's very well built and has the highest DPI of any trackball in the industry!