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Are the Cobras available as well or are theses being replaced by the Mamba?
Still available
I own Fat Mamba MK2 , VKB T-Rudder Pedals
and Thrutlebox .
Joystick - #1 in the world.
It will be interesting to see if Massdrop can even get in touch with the developer notorious for ignoring mail.
So... can't this be a group buy now? :D
Man I hope we get this!!!!!
(First the Massdrop guys need to learn Russian :P)
200 :)
I've discovered so many new products on this site. Hadn't heard of this controller brand before. I went to their web site expecting to see multi-thousand-dollar price tags, but they look like they might actually be affordable. I'll be keeping a close eye on this one.
Voted on three of the Mamba options even though I am in the EU, cheap Joysticks for all :)
Virtual Reality could be the prime driver of a resurgence of the flight sim genre. I've lost interest in monitor gaming since the arrival of the Oculus Rift DK2. People will actually get the feeling of flight with VR and should "flock" to the flight sim genre, and appropriate hardware in the very near future.
I'm lucky enough to own a Fat Black Mamba myself, equipped with a TM Warthog grip to boot. The quality is no joke; practically nothing else on the market compares.

I'll throw some votes your way if it helps people buy these things! As it stands, they're hardly any easier to get than a TM HOTAS Cougar with aftermarket U2-NXT or Evenstrain gimbals, about the only thing that would compare quality-wise.

However, it's not just the stick I want. VKB also sells some very nice rudder pedals, and I don't mean the T-Rudder sets that VKB FSC Europe sells. I mean those full-size toebraked sets they only sell on the Russian site and don't ever seem to be in stock. That's what I want, and people seem to forget VKB makes them at all amidst talk of the usual MFG Crosswind and Slaw Device pedals.

What I'd do to get my hands on one of those and a ThrottleBox...
Thanks for the support! I'm getting really close to just emailing VKB to get on the wait-list personally, but I think a Massdrop would work better for everyone involved:
- Massdrop could figure out the exact order size for the manufacturer.
- VKB would only have to send a single shipment to Massdrop, instead of sending each joystick individually through Chinese customs.
- Massdrop would also be handling the payments, which is a better option for all us customers (I'm not a fan of sending money-orders overseas).

Since you are interested in the T-Rudder Pedals, I added it to the poll. If this thing does end up being successful, I don't see why couldn't get a few pedals shipped with the rest! I thought about adding the Defender Cobra M5 Joysticks to the poll, but those seem to be in stock more often, and aren't as hard to get ahold of.
Indeed, knowing about the VKB direct-payment option could've saved me some dosh on the TM stick adapter had I known how to do so, but the thought of money order payments in general is a very uncomfortable one.

Also, clarification on the pedals: it's NOT the T-Rudder pedals I want due to their lack of toe brakes, though they should indeed be more of them for those that want them.

VKB also produced a higher-end line of rudder pedals with a more traditional design, complete with footrests and toe brake functionality. However, those pedals were never, ever listed on VKB FSB Europe's site, from what I can tell. I'd pull 'em up on VKB's main page, but it seems to be down at the moment. To make matters worse, word is that those higher-end pedal sets have a massive order backlog awaiting fulfillment already.

It's those pedals that I seek, coupled with a ThrottleBox adapter instead of the default TinyBox. The ThrottleBox, in addition to having its own fully functional NJoy32 Pro controller with standalone USB connection and a button breakout board option, also has that BUS port found on the Black Mamba sticks, and I want to figure out how that works.

I'm hoping it'll allow me to merge the pedals and stick as a combined USB HID controller with a single DirectInput ID, as well as forming the basis of an A-10 throttle conversion project I've had on the backburner for a while.

The fact that I have to explain myself to this extent just goes to show what other options VKB has to offer and could be selling if they'd just done a better job of marketing themselves.

EDIT: Found the site, here's VKB's entire catalog.
I'm posting the following image/link to a few game websites where I've seen interest in these joysticks. Feel free to post it anywhere you think there may be a demand for some Black Mambas! Or create a better looking one and post it here for us to use :D

Also, here is the short Massdrop url for this drop:

There are 'Fat' and 'Light' versions of the Black Mamba Joystick.

The Light version does not have all the nobs and switches that are on the base of the Fat version.
Here is a picture of the Light version:

VKB Black Mamba joysticks are some of the best quality flight sticks, but they are difficult to obtain. They are only sold to EU and US customers from a company called VKB FSC Europe ( Most of the time these products are sold out due to slow production.

There is significant demand for these joysticks, due to a resurgence in Flight & Space Sims. Please help us complete a Massdrop for them! This will give the manufacturer a better idea of how many people want their products, and may convince them to speed up production.

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