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This one seems a bit dead..
Any news yet? I just built a pc and it needs a webcam
What's going on?
You guys should also check the C920-C. It's better supported under Linux and has a privacy shutter integrated. I'd go for the C930e if it was fully supported under Linux so the C920-C seems the next best thing.
I really want to buy the logitec C920 so this would be fantastic
It's been months any responses or did logitech turn it all down.
I am very interested in participating in this drop. Do we know if it is going to happen or not, yet? I hope it will because almost 90 days since last update...
Do we have any news ?
I am very interested in participating in this drop. Do we know if it is going to happen or not, yet? Thanks in advance.
Hey everyone, things are still a little slow moving with the holidays and conventions going on in January, but we’re still working on getting the Logitech item from this poll up on the site. Thanks for your patience and coming out to vote. Cheers
They must've said something good by now! Any news?
I have the C920 and it doesn't have proper acoustic echo cancellation. Even with RightSound enabled there is echo...
I feel like that's something that can be solved with sound profile editing or a replacement soundcard? Unless it is absolutely dire..
We're trying to work something out with Logitech so I'll update you all when I have some news.
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Any update on this one? Would love to pick one of these up if we can get it for a good deal!
Will they be back????
Get a DSLR capable of 30fps @1080 or higher. Or like midnightowl said, a video camera. I bought this and it was a waste of $120 imo. Sold it to a friend for $40.
I highly recommend the Logitech C920. I have it and use it for Twitch streaming. The quality is phenomenal for a webcam. Next step up(in my opinion) is getting a professional video camera instead of a webcam.