60% Frosted Acrylic Mechanical Keyboard Casesearch

60% Frosted Acrylic Mechanical Keyboard Case

60% Frosted Acrylic Mechanical Keyboard Case

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I just posted an unused one I had from a previous drop on r/mm. https://www.reddit.com/r/mechmarket/comments/7pc8vj/usla_h_gmk_nautilus_gmk_aero_vortex_core_mechmini/
What's the keyboard with underglow in the photos?
would an anne pro fit this case
Will it, though? I also want to put this on an Anne Pro.
KBDFans has a more expensive alternative $88 https://kbdfans.myshopify.com/products/pre-order-kbdfans5-transparent-acrylic-cnc-60-case
Frosted or transparent
Does it fit the IQKB 62-Key Mechanical
I am assuming this will not fit on an Anne Pro correct?
Any reason to get this over the GH60 DZ60 frosted keyboard case which is $22?
If you mean the one on KBDfans store, it's because that one is made of plastic.
What do you guys think about this with a dz60, zealios 62g, brass plate and the gmk laser? Need opinions. I'm really looking a board to put my gmk laser.

Current board I am using is a IKBC mf108 with dolch dsa set.

I got a cyberdeck, gaijin, mitowaves, blocknet and spacebars.

I can cover my mf108 and looking for a 60% or kbd75. PS. wanted to have an underglow
I think that would look pretty great. Especially with purple underglow.
Thinking also adding the Royal Glam purple aluminum wrist wrest.
someone should totally get this and the acrylic wrist wrest being sold and just have a all acrylic setup, get some see through keycaps too.
And call it white shadow...
*fading whisper* "white shadow"
has anyone had an issue where one of the screw holes is too big for the included screws?
All of my screw holes have similar issues. I currently have a 60% keyboard that I cannot fully screw into the case, nor can I get it out.

What do.
What layout is that in the render? Never knew there was a 60% with arrow keys
I think it's called 64% the PCB used is probably a XD60 which allows for pretty much anything. Split backspace Iso enter arrow cluster
. and it also has RGB underglow, they ran a groupbuy not long ago but you can still get it from Taobao or Aliexpress.
Though frankly, I would recommend a DZ60 over a XD60 at this point. They both have QMK/TMK firmware, but the DZ60 has nicer underglow and more layout options.