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Anyone know if this would fit an Anne Pro?
Anyone know where to find more rubber bumpers like the ones included with this drop?
Will this fit the pok3r 3?
Will an xd75 fit in this case?
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Check this just, Cann't match , this Hot-swappable of PCBA is interference with this srcew post of case .
The XD75 fits most standard 60% cases and I believe this drop is a standard 60% case.
Anyone who owns a igk61. Could this fit?
Got mine a few days ago, and the fit on the V60 is not great. There is a gap all around the board between the case and the backplate/PCB of about 1.5mm. This case was clearly not made for boards with 6 DIP switches, because I can only actually flip 5 of them without taking the board out of the case. I think if you already know you like this style of case, then save up and go for one that specifically says it supports the V60. That said, if you're just wanting to try one out to see if you like the feel/look, then this one is pretty good because the price isn't as high as that of other cases.
Can confirm the case only provides acces for 5 of the 6 DIP switches on a V60
I just got this case from this drop, arrived in the mail yesterday. Its very lightweight, and much thinner than I expected.

I shouldn't have ordered it in black, because the finish is very thin. I scratched it on the inside with a screw, and it went through the finish like nothing. I'll have to be more careful with it :S
Anyone know the weight of this case? And it should support GH60 right?
It should support the GH60, yes. But I don't know the weight.
So with the V60 Matias board I bought from MD, will this fit that? I've heard some complications with the screw positioning.
Are the screws included in this drop?
I have the silver version of this, and it looks great! Have had it for almost a year and would recommend highly! Here it is on my KC60:
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whats your plate?
Standard kc60 stainless steel
Just curious.. isn't original pok3r keyboard already aluminium in stock? what's the difference from the original one
Yep, the stock Pok3r case is aluminum. The main differences are that pok3r case is cast aluminum whereas this case is CNC'ed, and the pok3r case is painted, whereas this case is anodized. Both are fine entry-level aluminum cases, just depends which style you prefer.
Thanks alot. You are awesome