Adata S102Pro 128GB USB 3.1 Flash Drivesearch

Adata S102Pro 128GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive

Adata S102Pro 128GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive

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It should be usb 3.1 Gen 1 which is the same as 3.0. There are better USB 3.0 devises from SanDisk and Patriot.
yes, it must be some joke...
These prices are ridiculous, and not a good deal at all.
$39.99 on Amazon US
I really doubt this is actually USB 3.1. Probably just 3.0, there's no point adding 3.1 support for this speed. Just saying.
Actually, now I'm totally lost.
Date first available at January 31, 2018

Only 3.1 I could find from Adata. Jeez, what a mess.
So check it out. The USB 3.0 version is called the S102 Pro. (older) Source:
The newer, USB 3.1 version is called the S102 Pro Advanced. Released Q4 2017. Source:

Is it confusing? Very.
Are Adata's datasheet pdfs poorly done? Indeed.
Has this drop been a train wreck? I'd say.
Is this drive the same as the one people are linking to on Amazon. No. That's the old one.
This looks to be a very mediocre speed for a flash drive that costs about 50% more than I'd recommend anyone paying for it.
100/50? That's slow for a USB 3.1 device. You can get a Patriot drive on Amazon for$8 more with 400/300 speeds.
The Patriot Extreme Rage 2 appears to match your description. $51 USD. Thanks for the heads up.
”the files of tomorrow". WTF does that mean? A ridiculous claim in any case. How can you sleep at night?
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Thanks for pointing that out. I was about to buy one under the impression that I could store quantum data.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I didn't ask the questions
Wait what happened here? Did they realize that the listing was totally F'ed and cancelled the drop or did they only have like 5 to sell and now its over?! I for one wanted to get to the bottom of this whole 3.0/3.1 thing. Would have considered it if it were really a 3.1. I dont see a 3.1 variant of this thumb drive on amazon.
We had to take the drop down temporarily to update the images. The previous version of this drop had the 16GB versions in the images. I was also notified by ADATA that the 128GB product is not available in blue and that the product we are offering in this drop is USB 3.1 which is the newest version of the product. They will have the same model numbers as the older 3.0 versions.

With all of that wrong information published, what else might be wrong? Is the warranty accurate? Are the read and write speeds accurate? It still says I can choose between gray and blue for the color.
I've got the 64gb version of this and I can say it's one of the best quality (feeling) flash drives around. It isn't the fastest of flash drives, obviously quite a bit faster than usb 2 speeds and much faster than many flash drives claiming to be usb 3 such as some Kingston sticks but still far from the fastest.

I'd still recommend this as one of the fastest for the price as well as being built to last however I don't think you need to join this drop as I don't think it's much of a discount compared to the usual price.
Cheaper on Amazon:
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Yeah, good call. Adata's site shows on the spec page that the 128GB variant is the same speed as the 3.0 labeled one. Also, looks like they dropped the price here after updating the images and specs.
Yep they dropped it from 45 down to 42 to make it more competitive. Glad I said something.