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Advanced Elements PackLite Dry Bag Set

Advanced Elements PackLite Dry Bag Set

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I'm not trying to be difficult here or offend anyone, but what's the point of a "dry bag" that doesn't keep things dry?

I used this on a small water ski boat to keep my dry clothes, well you know, dry...but since the bag was placed on the floor they were soaked once I opened the bag. Other than looking cooler than a grocery bag, what's the point?
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Actually it was closed’s just not a “dry bag” but rather a slash proof bag....
Dry sacks like these and heavier duty "dry bags" should keep your stuff dry. I have an Outdoor Research bag just like this, and I would easily trust it in a kayak. I'm not sure what a splash proof bag is, but I don't think I'd trust one on water.
Tested these out in my swimming pool this weekend; they are NOT dry bags. All three allowed water into the bag. I would say at best these are water resistant. Biggest issue is that the seams are not sealed, so I'm guessing the water got in that way. Very disappointed in these bags, and probably will never use them.
I have skipped on this drop a bunch of times. Not this one. I like my stuff to be organized in my pack. Plus dry bags. Awesome.
How do you know the shipping/taxes?
For shipping click on the join drop button and it will tell you. Shipping varies based on shipping destination.
As cheap as cheap can be made, very disappointed!
For what it's worth, I haven't had a problem with mine, and I've been using them in my kayak for almost 2 years now.
I own these from a prior drop. Have used the red and yellow on thru hikes so often and carry one or the other when traveling internationally instead of a heavy purse to be able to travel lite. Threads finally starting to come unraveled from the red. Like them so well I'm thinking of ordering again, but have never used the orange and really don't want an extra unused bag sitting around. The other two are really great.
Any update on the shipping of this last drop?
Any word on how well the 10L acts as a stuff sack for a 20°F down bag? Specifically a Kelty Cosmic Down. Internet is not absolute but suggests another 10L works.
*Update: it fits in the large one but JUST barely. It's quite the struggle. I'd honestly just get a specific compression bag, or use the one that comes with Kelty.

I own both. I haven't tried it but I could do that when I get home tonight, ill update you once I do.
I will say that the stuff sacks are fantastic regardless. I've used them on multiple trips now.
I mean, you might be able to jam it in, but it would take a lot of effort and it would be quite hard to close it up. Cosmic 20 is not particularly compact
Only $25.99 from Amazon shipped in 2 days. With shipping costs here, not really much of a savings. Barely a few $$

Advanced Elements Pack Lite Roll Top Dry Bag (Set of 3)
But out of stock...
Can these bags be submerged underwater?
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Since these bags are described as lightweight protection I would not expect them to be fully submersible and expect totally dry for more then a quick dunk. They don't seem to be described as expedition quality type of dry bag.
These bags are definitely not submersible and barely qualify as 'waterproof'. The most accurate description should be 'splash-proof'.

Yes, they will keep your stuff dry for a few minutes if it starts raining for example, but the material itself as well as the seams will eventually give in to the water and your stuff will get wet. The term 'Dry Bag' is very misleading.
Does anyone know if this price includes shipping or if that is extra. Nothing in the description tells me.
If you press join drop you'll get more information. The shipping is 6,00$ for me.
Shipping is high because they're so heavy! /s

Seriously.. $6 shipping in a $20 product? EDIT: K, it's only 2.75 in the US... that's fair.