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Advanced Sound Accessport Lightning DAC/Amp

Advanced Sound Accessport Lightning DAC/Amp

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Mine arrived 5 days ago. I’ve got to say my unit has ZERO hissing / background noise. I assume they have made all the necessary tweaks based on early unit reviews. Considering the small footprint, dynamics and practicality, I highly recommend this product.
Don't waste your money, find another that's built better. I was one of the original funders for this product on Kickstarter. After the long wait time during production, imagine my disappointment when the headphone jack is loose, in-line audio controls work 50% of the time, and firmware updates through their app do not work. Often, the device is not even detected by my phone to perform an update. Trust me on this and look elsewhere.
You may be experiencing a defective unit from our first batch. I do appreciate supporting us to kickstart the Accessport and please allow us to rectify your issue. I've sent a note to our support team so that we will arrange a replacement unit. The symptoms you are describing should not be happening. You can send an email to
I received mine and the headphone jack is really loose. If you barely tug on it, it falls out. I can only use it sitting down because if I put my phone in my jacket, it comes out. It is literally unusable.
You should not be experiencing such issue. I've sent a note to our support team. Please send an email to Our support team will take care of your case.
Testing with B&W P7’s. Decent. I found reasonable improvement in instrument seperation. Layering was noticably better. Mid bass was slightly more defined. No issues with the jack falling out. Seemed like a snug fit. It did seem like it did not drive the headphones as strongly as the Apple adapter.
Don’t waste your money. No Improvement in audio over apple‘s basic lightning / 3.5mm. Headphone jack falls out with any movement, so unless you plan on keeping completely still at all times, you will become unplugged incessantly.

If you you find one for $9.95 go ahead.

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Ok it’s insulting to tell me to try multiple jacks - did the product description state “only works with some 3.5mm But you won’t know which until laborious trial-and-error?”

Still falls out, by the way, or cuts out. Sennheiser hd280 and grado and some old sony that came with a Walkman and the Apple buds

Oh, and the audio on the unit now cuts in and out even when holding the jack in place. And sometimes when I’m lucky I’ll hit play and hear a high pitched squeal until it’s unplugged.
I apologize if my response sounded like that. There was no implication that Accessport would work with only some 3.5mm jack. It should work with all 3.5mm jack. If you are continuing to experience issues, we can replace your unit. We have a warranty procedure to follow and it begins with you emailing with description of your issues and your purchase receipt.
Complete crap. I haven’t hooked did this up and recorded from it yet so I haven’t ran it through any spectral analyzer and haven’t measured decibel output versus regular output from my phone, but at most this might give a perceived volume boost which is enough to fool most people into thinking something sounds better. There was absolutely no better sound stage, no increased frequency range nothing. anything I’ve read positive about this thing, and it could just be this model but regardless, is utter BS.
The sound quality / scale will depend on the receiver used. What earphones / headphones have you tried with Accessport?
Stupid question does this work Ike the the Fiio dac. Where it Can convert my 3.5 headphone jack into my IPhone X lightning port. So I can use my Beat Headphones?
This makes me so happy. I've wanted to get this for a while now!
Backed this when it was a Kickstarter, nice to see it on here. Quality product imo
Could you give a review from your PoV? Do you use IEMs or Cans?

I got these primarily to charge my phone and be able to listen to music at the same time. Unfortunately I don't get to use them much now but with my LZA4's the audio came in a bit louder and sounded great.

I just loaded some 24bit to test but I can't find my regular adapter. Will update whenever I find it and can compare.
Anyone knows if these drive the Pinnacle P1/PX okay, or Sennheiser HD600/650/6XX well enough?
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Ok the MFI sold me. Just joined the Drop.
I also downloaded the App. So to update the Firmware. I just plug the unit into the iPhone while the app is open and it will Automatically update. .
To update firmware, you can plug in the Accessport to your iphone, then launch the App. The App will check which version of firmware is on your Accessport, and display an option to update to the latest firmware if it isn’t up to date. You also have an option to opt out of firmware update if you wish to.
I received mine today. I tried it out with my earbuds that came with my iphone 6+ on some sample tunes and it does boast a few db increase overall. In addition, the highs are much brighter as well as the mids. There is not much impact but then again the earbuds aren't the greatest IEM. I can't wait to go home and plug in my AKG 7xx to test this out and see what it sounds like. I do agree the noise floor is real even with just the basic IEMs.

However, for this price, it's a very good investment and purchase.