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I received mine today. I tried it out with my earbuds that came with my iphone 6+ on some sample tunes and it does boast a few db increase overall. In addition, the highs are much brighter as well as the mids. There is not much impact but then again the earbuds aren't the greatest IEM. I can't wait to go home and plug in my AKG 7xx to test this out and see what it sounds like. I do agree the noise floor is real even with just the basic IEMs.

However, for this price, it's a very good investment and purchase.
Just got mine (as in ten minutes ago). The sound quality is awesome, but the noise floor is a real problem. I'm using a pair of Westone ES50 CIEMs, and there was background hiss from the second I plugged them in – even with nothing playing.

I did download the app and updated to 1.1.6. I had a faint hope that the app would allow me to select a high or low mode, but it is simply for f/w updates.

Also: a negative surprise; there's no microphone pass-through. I have an MMX cable with a "bump in the wire' microphone for phone calls. No connectivity...

One positive, two negatives. Unhappy panda.
Hi Richard, the microphone should be functional if you have an in-line remote/mic on your IEM cable. Can you specify the type of cable (make and model) you are using so that we can understand the issue you are experiencing? Additionally, the Accessport has an external headphone amplifier to drive more power hungry headphones. This makes a low impedance, high sensitive IEM like ES50 to pick up some noise. We are evaluating if it would be possible to implement low gain setting via APP update. We will keep you posted in case such change can be done. Thanks for your feedback. -Peter
If you own an iPhone just buy this thing! I prefer it to my dragonfly black just for convenience sake. you MUST download the accompanying app to get the best out of this tho. Advanced Sound by ADVSOUND, Inc. in the App Store. DO NOT PASS THIS UP!!!!
I bought two Accessports (lightning + USB-C) on Kickstarter, January 5th 2017 (yes, one year and two months ago!!), and I've only received lightning version. No news about USB-C version. Could you please tell me what are you going to do with it?. A refund, will you ever send it to buyers, will you reply to waiting buyers emails.... ?.
Thank you!
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Thank you for your reply and explanations. Hope we can enjoy USB-C Accessport soon.
Anyway, and considering that more than one year has passed since we backed your project on Kickstarter, maybe you should pay more attention to backers (better communication, more frequent updates, etc.), or even offer the choice to get a partial refund...
We have been very consistent in communication on our Kickstarter comments section. Plus, send us a message on Kickstarter or via if you do want refund for Kickstarter pledge for USB-C Accessport.
Looks like null-audio is selling cheaper and shipping is free with free shipping code.
I am not very confident in this company. I bought it on a kickstarter campaign, one of the two I bought won't update and the company has been unresponsive.
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It STILL doesn't update. I have V1.1.3 and my unit is stuck at 10% for the update. It's stuck and says:
"Updating, do not unplug device" and it can sit here forever if I let it.

Hi Mitch, please try unplugging Accessport, terminating the app, and try going through update process again. If it gets stuck again, try few more times. If you aren’t able to update the firmware after few more tries, send an email to so we can go through RMA process to get your unit fixed/replaced -Peter
I was under the impression that the Lightning Audio Module (LAM) was limited to 24-bit 48KHz, so the information about this supporting up to 96KHz is incorrect surely?
You are correct that the LAM bottlenecks the signal down to 24/48. We are upscaling the signal after it processes through LAM back up to 24/96, which then gets fed into the amplifier. We did this in order to get Hi-res certification, however, they did not accept our method to be approved. Hope this answers your question. -Peter
Quick note: this thing works, there was a hiss but it went away. HOWEVER, you can't use it on the go: the wire frays in your pocket or with movement to the point that it stops working entirely. Home use is fine.
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Hello Austin, you should not be having such issue. It may be that the particular unit is experiencing a disconnect inside wire. Please send an email out to about this. I've alerted the customer service team. -Peter
Will do!
There is an audible hiss when using these with most IEMs. I made a post about it on Reddit in a review in which I tried at least 10 different, popular IEMs.
The sound is neutral overall but no better sounding than the Apple adapter.
There is audible distortion in the bass at higher volumes when using an Aeon Closed. For reference, the standard Apple Headphone Adapter had no audible distortion with the Aeon or audible hiss with IEMs.
I concluded it wasn't worth the money unless you really needed to drive super sensitive IEMs while charging your phone, and didn't care about the hiss.
EDIT: I understand the Aeons require a dedicated amp to get the most out of them. I tested them with the Accessport purely out of curiosity.
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My current favorite is the iFi micro iDSD Black Label. It's not advertised as "works with iOS" but I use it with my iPhone 7 Plus multiple times a week with no issues. Just requires the Apple CCK (Camera Connection Kit) adapter or the iPAD CCK (which allows you to charge and play music at the same time). Uses 2 Burr Brown DACs - or one dual core - not sure which. Has a 1/4" headphone out with up to 4W of power as well as RCA Line/Pre Outs. Also has 3.5mm Line input to be used as an amp. Sound is mostly neutral with a slight gravity towards warm. Treble is refined but highly detailed. This is essentially a desktop DAC/Amp that can be portable. It will power your most sensitive IEMs or your hardest-to-drive headphones.

The newly released FiiO Q5 is also excellent. Thoughts are all based on using it with the stock AM3A amp module or DAC Line Out to a HeadAmp Gilmore Lite MK2:
It has a more portable size and shape than the iDSD BL but it has bluetooth built in. It has a slightly warm and smooth sound with good detail retrieval. It uses dual AK4490 DAC chips. It is made for iOS and PC. It comes with all the cables required to connect it to a PC, android phone, or iPhone including a lightning to micro-usb cable which is pretty cool (no need for an adapter). The AM3A amp module that comes in the box has a 3.5mm SE out and 2.5mm balanced out. With exception of the RCAs of the iDSD BL, the Q5 has the most connectivity options with USB in, Line In, Optical In, Coax In, Bluetooth In, Line Out, headphone out, and balanced headphone out. This has the "smoothest" sound of the 3.

The Oppo HA-2SE is another nice device. It is made for iOS. It uses a ESS Sabre Reference ES9028-Q2M DAC chip. The sound is very neutral with a gravity towards cool and bright. I have found it exhibits what has been referred to as ESS Glare or Sabre Glare. You can look that up on your own if you'd like but it essentially (and unintentially) adds a little "extra" to the treble. It's hard for me to describe. It has a 3.5mm SE headphone out and Line Out/In. This bests the Q5 in terms of detail retrieval but I personally prefer the sound of the Q5. It has the most portable form factor of these three only beating the Q5 because it is thinner.

Other thoughts:
Build quality on all three is excellent as is sound quality (with each being a bit different).
The iDSD BL and HA-2SE can be used as power bricks if you need to charge your phone in a pinch. The Q5 cannot do this. The HA-2SE is the only one that can charge your phone while playing music.
All three can be used with PC (with driver installation) and iOS. The Q5 and HA-2SE are marketed as 'Made for iOS' while the iDSD BL is not.
You'll have to do your own research on battery life for each because I don't know it off the top of my head.
The iDSD BL is the only one that has a decent bass boost (if you use that sort of thing). The Q5 and HA-2SE have sub-par bass boost functionality.
The HA-2SE doesn't need an adapter to connect to iOS devices as it has a USB-A female connection built in: you can use any standard USB lightning cable.
Source: I own all three.

Hope this helps!
This is what you’re looking for.
Maybe my ears have issues hearing but my Sennheiser momentums don't hear a difference with these. Only thing these have got going for them is the warranty, being able to charge while I use the phone and a decent bass boost (to me anyway, sometimes a little overpowering though). The momentums have earbleeding trebles to the point where I have to set the iPhone's native EQ to reduced trebles to be happier with it. The trebles were not improved when with or without the Accessport. I'm aware the momentums aren't great though. Am in the market for better IEMs eventually.