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Aivia Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

Aivia Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

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Gigabyte Aivia Osmium. its really did answer MY request. Recomended for those that love teh 45g key press. or those that love to be a keyboard warrior LOL!!

The only down side of this is Osmium was that Gkeys located way up... I mean whast up with that xD
I feel like this drop might be better named as "Gigabyte Aivia Gaming Mouse and Keyboard". I'd forgotten that this was the name of the actual manufacturer, and Aivia is just the line, and this might enable people to, say, look up reviews more effectively.
its actually Gigabyte AIvia Osmium and Kypro
Which switches are this keyboard?
How much for Just the mouse?
This buy is only for the bundle!
can I order it in QWERTZ format?

lawl where's the double side pad that I have won't u guys just bundle that shit in as well
There is no tactile feedback with Cherry MX Red switches!
That's absolutely true! Initially we were rolling with Brown switches and this is a carry over from then. Awesome catch, here's a picture of a t-shirt!
The keyboard is great. I have the cherry red version, and I really like it. The price is not good. I got the keyboard for $75 with free shipping from amazon.
i bought it msrp thanks to that fat bald guy on youtube. it def has a unique feel to it and unique design. the light scroll still owns after all these time. i can't fukcing believe nobody puts out the same shit after so damn long. but the awesomeness literallly stops there. the travel feels way too damn long on this one. yes I own over half a dozen of Cherry red keyboards so plz no flaming
There are all kinds of things wrong with this being a drop.

First, lets look at the total: 160 + 11 = 171 which is actually tied with getting the keyboard on amazon and the mouse on newegg You don't even have to deal with ebay to tie the price on this one. Additionally, going that route you'd get them in 3 days, as opposed to 2 weeks to a month.

Second, you can actually buy them separately that way meaning you can pick the one you actually want if you don't want both _and you don't even have to pay extra for it_. This means that these have been bundled to produce no savings, so why bundle them?

Third, is anyone even looking for Gigabyte gaming peripheals? I like to think my head is decently in the peripheal market, I own more mechanical keyboards than I have hands, and I have not heard of this offering. So not only is something being offered with no savings, it's something that would have very limited appeal even if there WERE savings.

Slight concession: if it hits the lowest drop point you can save $5 (and only be out additional _weeks_ of delivery time). Whee.

EDIT: Also, your title is too long and displaces the Description link box.
Hey, thanks for the heads up! I fixed the title so it fits better and I added another price drop after talking with our supplier at Gigabyte.

Essentially, there's been a huge demand for high end gaming mice in the Massdrop polls, and I wanted to get the Aivia Krypton available to everyone since it is an excellent mouse. The Osmium is also an incredibly feature complete keyboard and the supplier at Gigabyte wanted to know if we could do a bundle instead of a standalone product.
That's unfortunate, lots of demand for having keyboards and mice as far as I can see, but it's pretty rare to need or want both at the same time. I would have seriously considered the keyboard on it's own but I have no need for the mouse.
Hnnnggh! Dayum!
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