AKG K712 Pro Audiophile Headphonessearch

AKG K712 Pro Audiophile Headphones

AKG K712 Pro Audiophile Headphones

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Kickin’ Cans

There’s a significant gap between the extremes of the headphone circuit, a long drop-off from an audiophile’s fancy to the buds biting most of our ears. With the release of the K712 Pro, AKG expanded their 7xx line to include one of the most comfortable and high quality sets of cans on the market. The crown jewel of the AKG empire prior to the release of the K812, the K712 Pro guarantees great sound at a price nearly all of us can afford.

AKG K712 Pro Audiophile Headphones

Home on the Range

Using the same dynamic driver technology as previous models, the open back headphones have been tweaked to deliver a flat, extended frequency and a wide, locationally specific soundstage that puts you closer to the source than most cans. The highs were boosted by an innovative flat-wire voice coil, the mids were brought up to better balance the range, and the lows were jacked up by 3 dB for fully immersive sound imaging. All in all, the clarity and power behind the K712 brings you the closest you’ll come to strapping speakers on your head.

AKG K712 Pro Audiophile Headphones

They Never Phone It In

Luckily, they didn’t stop with the sound. The headphones themselves are immensely comfortable, and the adjustable leather headband and replaceable earpads can be worn for hours at a time without fatigue. Attaching to your system through a 1/4” or 1/8” 3-pin jack, the nearly 10 foot cable is detachable and can be easily replaced if the need arises, but with this build quality, it’s a safe bet it won’t. For a heavy hitting, high quality, and comfortably deluxe pair of headphones, the AKG K712 has no peers in its price range.

AKG K712 Pro Audiophile Headphones


  • AKG
  • Open-back
  • Audio frequency bandwidth: 10 to 39,800 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB SPL/V
  • Maximum input power: 200 mW
  • Rated impedance: 62 Ohms
  • Replaceable earpads
  • 1/4” and 1/8” 3-pin gold jack
  • 4.4 x 7.8 x 8.3 in (113 x 199 x 212 mm)
  • 8.3 oz (235 g)


  • 9.8 ft (3 m) cable


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