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AKG K812 Reference Headphone

AKG K812 Reference Headphone

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Just got my package delivered today. The K812 is made in Slovakia (sticker) . The clamping force is abit loose.
How low did these drop for ?
Very few sold so far
Not much time left lower the price
Whoever buys the HD 800s over these is just DUMB! I said HD 800s, NOT the HD 800S.
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You can't tell anyone they're dumb for their preference of headphones. It's a personal choice.
For the 800s, if you don't mind the treble spike, then they're still one of the best bargins in flagship headphones. Also, if you're willing to mod them slightly, they can sound almost as good as the $4000 Utopias, with almost no spike at all.
I've owned a modded pair of 800's for a few years now, and have access LCD-X's and Elears, as well as friends that have LCD-3's, Utopias, T1's, and one person with a modded SR-007 setup. After listening to pretty much all of these, the only one that could touch the clarity of the 800's were the SR-007's, but I couldn't deal with the sound-stage and having to have a dedicated amplifier. The Utopias were very pleasant to listen to, but lacked that extra engagement that the 800's provided.
For technical accuracy and sound-stage, the HD800 is still unmatched in the sub $2000 category. That's why every reviewer on the planet included a comparison to the 800's with any flagship they review. It's very much still relevant.
P.S. Tho only change with the 800S is added bass (with added distortion) and a removal of the 6kHz spike. They basically just adopted an existing community mod in official capacity.
I do agree with you on the mod, but can't you mod any headphone to sound better? Those headphones with the mod are amazing. I for sure agree with you on that. I was just basing all of this off of without the mod.
More expensive than Amazon France

AKG K812 Casque studio de référence ouvert Noir

de AKG5.0 étoiles sur 5 1 commentaire client Prix conseillé :EUR 1 399,00 De quoi s’agit-il? Prix :EUR 879,00
With free shipping..........
For France You got USD 55 shipping + Akg k812 929.99 = USD 984 =929 euros
When the price is lowered all will be sold .And everyone will benefit.
This are made in Austria or Slovakia?
Just got mine. It is made in Slovakia.
I knew it! The production of this headphones were moved to Slovakia early 2016.
Shipping kills the deal, I'm out. /s
Need to lower price a bit for me to get on board
Would be far more interested in a Massdrop x AKG K8XX with options for a balanced cable (eg: 4-pin mini-xlr on the headphone cup) for <$600!
don't get ripped off by massdrop, people. look elsewhere
ya, at least in USA, massdrop is pretty garbage deal. especially when there's like 2month delievery waiting time. might as well pay 50 dollar more on amazon for 1 day shipping imo
I recently purchased these for substantially less (especially when you factor in the $65.50 shipping I would have to pay to the UK) but I can back up the quality and sound of these headphones and totally disagree with Tyll's comments about the high end. I am a fan of the AKG house sound starting with stock 702's then 7XX's which I jumped on in the first drop and loved, upgrading later to the pro series with the 712's, which along with the HD6XX's are my daily drivers but the 812's are leaps and bounds better, yes they are now made in Slovakia but the build quality is stellar. The bass is bass is ridiculously good and tight, the mids sublime and the highs are just getting right up there without nearing unpleasant, to my ears and taste all around prefect, my end game (for now). The bent wood stand is nice that they come with and thankfully the cable is better than the 7 series. After auditioning a dozen or so 'high end' cans over the last few months I am more than happy with my choice of the AKG812. Now to find the perfect amp for me, liking the Audio GD one I have on loan at the moment... come on Massdrop have a word with them ;)
After getting the Massdrop AKG 7xx, I ike the "house" sound after running in for a few hours. After watching Tyll review, comment on "piercing high" I had second thoughts ... then after watching the review from Hi-fi Insider and Airy Fidelity, I dived in...The 812 will be part of my headphone collection.
Interesting, a hi-fi headphone on MD. But a quick eBay search shows them available for $900 with free shipping.
It pays to check
I'm really glad MD added a graphic showing the drivers. It's always frustrating to me that all this $$ is being thrown around and the essential functionality of the drivers is left out. Don't get me wrong, I love me some lamb skin pads and marbled reclaimed wooden cups, but where's the real meat and potatoes on all these headphone drops? BTW: I love AKG but $1K is only after winning the lottery.
Was in NYC last June for a couple of KC Royals vs NY Mets games. The Harmon Kardon, AKG store was around the corner from my hotel. I spent 30 min auditioning the 812s vs my k7xx (712 annies if story true). I used my personal Fiio X5 gen 1 with Fiio E12 as source. I was BLOWN AWAY. The only difference I could tell between the 812s and K7xx was loudness at a given volume setting. The 812s had a much lower impedance. With the volume bumped up on the K7s I actually preferred their sound, though only marginally. Don't get me wrong the build on the 812s was worlds better than the k7s, but as for sound, neither hold up to my go to cans, a pair of HiFiMan HE 400, the old discontinued ones. Sound has at least as much to do with the listener as the equipment. I like a v shaped equalizer setting. Some people are offended by anything but flat. That's why they make equalizers. I walked out of that store with a huge grin on my face. I actually appreciated my K7xx (dare I say liked) for the first time since Massdrop delivered them to my door. Just food for thought.
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What can I say. I'm a dreamer.
I like to dream too...I hope dreams come true.
No real drop for me, can get them for about 900 Eur = 960 USD without shipment and without custom duties from serious dealers (e.g. Amazon). (Europe)
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You should have open this this drop last month...... Cos I already spent all my money on something else......
Wait. What?
Too expensive, Massdrop. You are driving your customers away.
Yeah, I'd much rather buy 50 random tactical knives and spinning tops in the EDC section and maybe some glow-in-the-dark keyboards than one nice pair of headphones. What do they think we are, adults?
The price is way too much. It is available in the Netherlands for 895 euro's (around $955).
For that price get a used pair of HD800S instead.
I listened to this over-priced headphone at Sweetwater Sound here in Fort Wayne, IN. with a Geekout V2 DAC/AMP. Whew, it was so bright and sibilant it was literally unbearable. I'd say for this money, go for the Beyerdyamic T1 or T5p second generation. Sorry Massdrop, this can is a dog!
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I had a pair of Focals that needed burn-in for exactly this reason (too brittle/bright). Prior to that I had never *needed* to burn-in a pair of headphones. Frankly, I thought it was BS when I heard people suggest it until I tried it and saw the benefits.
Hey these headphones are bright! Lemme recommend an equally or even brighter headphone!
New w/o VAT in Europe 750 euro. 1000 $ expensive.
Are these wireless? For a Grand i would assume so!
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im not really much of a phile, im just looking for a deal on better wireless
$1000. "lookin for a deal"

ridiculous, even more costly than amazon, it is not even pro version
Not even pro version? There's only one version of this headphone lol
$10 dollar shipping? Jeez, I can't afford that!
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Man, these guys are trying to rob us.
Audiophiles? More like audiophools
eglobal has this for 869 USD with free shipping
I was excited when I saw they had this drop again, then I saw they increase the price and now I don't want this anymore. If the drop was for 800 dollar, then this drop would be a decent deal but for 1000 I suggest people go for the HD800 instead
Try this with chord mojo . They feel like 10,000 $ headphone. Way better than t1 or hd800. Bass is deep,nice and tight while it has big soundstage(less than hd800 but bigger than t1). Focal elear only best in bass but this is all round headphone not only for music but also for watching movies or gaming. Hifiman edition x ? not even close to it.
I agree. Chord Mojo is great with AKG K812. My go to headphone is HD800. Also have Elears that is kept to resell. With Violectric V850 Dac/ V281 Amp as well as with Mojo K812 s highs are better than any I have heard including Hifiman He6, HD800, K712, AKG K3003i (IEM), LCD2. Treble sparkle is great not harsh and well controlled- some people mix harshness and controlled sparkles and AKG 812 does have that magic.