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AKRacing MAX Gaming Chairs (2018 Models)

AKRacing MAX Gaming Chairs (2018 Models)

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I got my footrest today, as well as the actual email saying that everything had arrived (the 'everything has been shipped' email I got sunday, after getting the actual chair on thursday). So I suspect it's just a little slower mailing out.

Unfortunately I've been a bit busy and haven't had a chance to construct it, but it certainly seems to have all the pieces.

And in fairly dissapointing news, I seem to have gotten a red (should have been grey) footrest, which looks spectacularly out of alignment with the chair I ordered, as well as anything else in my home. I'm trying to decide how much it's worth to me to deal with having this shipped back, because it is rather eye-catchingly the wrong color.
Got my chair today, assembly was quick and easy. Typing from it as we speak. My footrest was not included with my shipment, are they shipping at a later date?
I also didn't get the footrest, waiting to hear back from support.
Few comments down states that this wont be able to ship to hawaii, but massdrop still went with the order. please send a refund and cancel order! Dont want to end up paying extra shipping
When should we expect some shipping info? Drop ended quite awhile ago
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Just showed up for me!
Mine also just showed up!!! Very good looking. Not very good instructions but the chair is awesome. It is defiantly top heavy. I sit on carpet and I can see myself taking a tumble when I pull myself forward.

Only issue is 2 minor tears in the fabric just beneeath the “max” logo. Purely cosmetic but disappointing.

Great work everyone. Another successful drop. Can't wait for the chair to arrive. Its like waiting for christmas
Is this chair super mass? I am 5'6 and 170-180 pounds. It is not too big for me right? or this is just regular size not the XL kind? Also what is return policy on this?
Hi I'm 5'10 and 180. I play with my legs crossed alot. Would this one be for me since I feel like regular gaming chairs that have their seat cut out are to narrow for me.
Yes, I think the extra width plus the fact that it is a flat seat would be good for that sort of usage. Also, it is relatively easy to remove one or both of the armrests if you really want space.
Thanks for the info! I just put an order in and I'll write a review once I get it.
Typically these kinds of drops do not ship to Hawaii, but I don't see anything saying it doesn't, am I dreaming or will it ship here?!
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Shipping will not be available for Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico. It's way to expensive. You can source locally for cheaper. Shipping cost to Hawaii will be about $300+ on this chair.
Ahhh, understandable... downside to living in Hawaii is the shipping costs lol. Thanks for the reply!
Any idea when this drop may be returning? Really interested. Want to replace my King Series with this and do a review. This thing looks superior in every way
Here it is.
Yup saw it this morning and put in a order for one right away. Wish I could get it sooner, I am ready. Cheers
My cost of the chair was just put back into my bank account... does that mean something is up or?
5’8” 245lb. would this be a big enough chair or would the pro be a better fit?
it would be big enough