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AKRacing Max/Pro Big & Tall Gaming Chairs

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I want this really bad but what are the key differences in the MAX and PRO. I can see the seat shapes are different, but which is more comfortable? lol
Could it be shipped to Hong Kong?
I am not big or tall. Quite the opposite at 5'3 120! My friend has the big and tall edition of gamer chair and it was super comfy because it was so big, I felt like i could lean the back down and sleep on it! Would it be dumb for me to still get the Big & Tall version for myself? Any other short peeps who went with this one? Did you notice any downsides after using a huge chair? I think I could be happier with this one that the regular size.
How long does it usually take to get once it drops ?
about 5/7 business days depending on where you are located. They will ship out quick.
hi there order the max it is great no damage or anything like that but I notice when you lean forward the chair will slip under you it happen to me twice already I am a little scared to lean forward now any thing like this happen to you guys
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no is installed correct i am probly sit too much in the front and wood floors make it slide don't get me wrong is a great chair is hard to find some thing that fits me
If that's the case then you might want to try one of our new floor mats that were dropped here this week: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/akracing-gaming-floor-mat
This or E-Win Champ series?
No, AKRacing is the OEM and owns the factory where their chairs are made. If you see something similar out there it is an attempt to copy this design. In no way is it produced by AKRacing as AKRacing does not make chairs for any other companies out there. Also, this is a larger chair than the EWin, carries a much better warranty, has additional features like the "rock & lock", larger amount of cold molded foam, and better quality PU leather.
Really needed this, thanks for bringing it back! Amazing price on the Max considering it goes for $500 everywhere else.
The title says ProX but the images show the Pro chair. Which chair is in this drop?
Also, the ProX chair is only $350 directly from AKRacing's site; so $330 is not that good of a deal if that is the chair that is in this drop.
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The 2017 ProX model is being closed out on our site, there are only one or two left and, as noted, it is an older model that misses several upgrades we put into the Pro.
Thanks for the information!
need help from my fellow massdropers with regard to the AKRacing Max chair addon. which one of these did they have pictured as the Addon?

I ask this because I ordered the addon and received one while expecting the other as per a picture I saw once I choose to participate in the drop. If anyone else can please chime in I would greatly appreciate it.
I just received the chair and as well did not get the fores footrest I added on.
Also, I received someone else's chair thanks to fedex.
I recently received mine and it did not include the footrest, which I added and paid for. Anyone have an idea how I can get in touch with these guys? My emails are being ignored.
So, I just got off the phone with AKRacing. According to them, the footrests were submitted later and they are just now shipping. In the same boat as you are.
Yes, please bring this one back.
Id love to see this comeback, I have spine issues and I sit all day in chairs for work from home. I'm looking forward to see the max comeback. Any idea when it will?
Well, my chair arrived today! The box was in one piece and there was no damage to any of the parts so yayyyyyyyyy. Took me about 45 mins to put it together by myself so there is no need for anyone to worry about needing any help unless you have a physical disability. The chair looks and feels good and is very comfortable, not to the level of my Serta, but comfortable non the less and for sure more stable and solid feeling than the Serta. When I lean back it does feel a little unstable but that is only noticeable because of how stiff my old chair was. The lumbar support and the head pillow are a very nice touch, especially with regard to the lumbar support. The head pillow in my opinion should be a little larger because the minute you lean the chair back you will tilt your head forward and the pillow is too small to help support it. Overall, I am very happy with the chair as it is, my concerns with it is with the long term stability of it but that will only be answered in time. As of right now, I am a very happy gamer! Now all I need is for someone to let me know where the ottoman is as it did not show up with the chair and I did not receive any tracking and shipping information for anything but the chair itself. So if any of you are M.D. or AKRacing staff and are able to help me out I would very much appreciate it.
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In theory they are in the same town as I am, and I may have found the correct person... waiting to hear back from them.
Turns out I got a hold of the right person. And now he has his new fancy chair.
Placed my Order Sunday and to my shocking surprise, FEDEX shows up today with my MAX. Totally overjoyed even with having the 2018 Pro, I put the MAX in my office and keep the Pro in my Game Room. Only thing is, I bought rollerblade wheels for the MAX since is on my Glass top and the smaller MAX wheels are amazing on my 2018 Pro. Thanks MassDrop and AKRacing for this stellar service, extremely quick delivery and lastly specifically to AKRacing, AMAZING, flat out AMAZING quality. You all are great and these chairs are hands down the best in the world and I've reviewed chairs for months and months before getting the Pro and then it came down to the last 10min of this drop for me to decide if I wanted the 2017 model, another chair or another Pro but ProX. I opted for the flat seat since I sit in it 10 hours a day for work. I just finished putting it together and I'll post another review after a few weeks about how I like it and the differences that I've seen. I wish I got the Grey footrest for my Office, that was a Giant error on my end since I have a red one already but my MAX has a small crack in the right plastic covering the handle, so when I get the replacement part, I'll get my Grey foot rest and have them shipped together. This in no way is a complaint as I had this issue with my other Pro and I was quickly sent a replacement when I got my Red Footrest to save the company shipping. Some of these shipping companies are savage and just don't care, toss boxes like pillows, not thinking there may be a weekly paycheck in that box. No other Damage anywhere, give me a WEEK to review the chair build and quality and I'll aadd a 2nd review follow-up.
where did you get the wheels? I always wanted a chair with them.
I got the off Amazon and they're awesome, especially on the glass chair matt I have down on my office carpets.
Well, I did it. I pulled the trigger on this chair even with my concern about the condition it will arrive in. Too many reviews on here, amazon and a other sites with countless stories of cracked and or broken parts as well as horrific packaging. Hopefully mine will be one of the sturdy packages that arrives in one piece, with no damaged parts and the right color for both the chair and the ottoman. I currently have a Serta for fat people and only got about two years out of it before things started to fall off of it and the cousion went flat enough to require a pillow be put down. Maybe this chair will fair a bit better, fingers crossed.
I have seen this drop as the PRO (2018) not the PROx. Are they one in the same?
ProX is the older model. Pro is the new model, same basic frame but improved with perforated PU leather seat for more breathability and a 4D armrest along with the upgraded mechanism that supports "rock and lock"
Just a word about size. I'm 6' and 250 lb., and I'm really glad I took a chance and got the bigger ProX during the 2017 drop. The extra room in the seat really makes this a comfortable chair for me.
Also, just an FYI for anyone interested in either of these chairs. The MAX is actually bigger in the seat due to the flat bottom design of the seat and the PROX is designed for big & tall people.
@AKRacingServiceHi there, I've seen others post skepticism about purchasing something like a chair without first being able to sit in it, and decide if it's comfortable. From the best of my searching no one has answered the question, "can these chairs be returned if it's not the right fit?" If yes, what's the time period? I am personally torn between the Max, and the Massdrop x AKRacing Aero Gaming Chair. They're both the same price at the moment, yes the max is %50 off. (But what does that extra retail price get you over the Aero if you are not concerned about the max weight? (The Aero has a taller backrest, and the max is wider. ) I'm 6'3" and just under 220lbs. I've read the reviews of both, and they sound like they would both be perfect for me. Best wishes, Jay
Howdy Jay,
Massdrop sales are final and are not eligible for returns. Part of why Massdrop is able to offer such aggressive pricing on items like this VS everyone else out there is that we do not accept returns. I can tell you that I am 6'4" and 215. I have tried all the AKRacing chairs and am very comfortable in either the Onyx, Aero, Premium or Max. I think you will be very happy with any of these choices. My personal chair of choice is the all leather Onyx Deluxe model. We also offer that here on Massdrop. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/akracing-onyx-office-series-chairs-2018-models
I am 6' 3" and about 300. I have not used this exact chair but similar style with attributes not nearly as good. I don't play video games but I do have serious back issues which is why I am buying it. This chair handles higher weight and it built better then most of the $600 chairs out there. Sometimes you have to do the research, use comparisons, and go with your gut. I have done extensive research in the last 2 months looking for a chair for work. This one checked every box easily. I was about to buy one for $600 so when this one came up, I didn't even hesitate.
I got my footrest today, as well as the actual email saying that everything had arrived (the 'everything has been shipped' email I got sunday, after getting the actual chair on thursday). So I suspect it's just a little slower mailing out.
Unfortunately I've been a bit busy and haven't had a chance to construct it, but it certainly seems to have all the pieces.
And in fairly dissapointing news, I seem to have gotten a red (should have been grey) footrest, which looks spectacularly out of alignment with the chair I ordered, as well as anything else in my home. I'm trying to decide how much it's worth to me to deal with having this shipped back, because it is rather eye-catchingly the wrong color.
@AKRacingAmerica @Michael_AKRacingAmerica It looks like we got the wrong color footrest here. Can we get it swapped out for Ogun?
I'd love to assist in getting you the correct color @Ogun , please shoot me an email MCalderone@AKRacing.com and we'll get this sorted quickly.
Got my chair today, assembly was quick and easy. Typing from it as we speak. My footrest was not included with my shipment, are they shipping at a later date?
I also didn't get the footrest, waiting to hear back from support.
Few comments down states that this wont be able to ship to hawaii, but massdrop still went with the order. please send a refund and cancel order! Dont want to end up paying extra shipping
When should we expect some shipping info? Drop ended quite awhile ago
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Just showed up for me!
Mine also just showed up!!! Very good looking. Not very good instructions but the chair is awesome. It is defiantly top heavy. I sit on carpet and I can see myself taking a tumble when I pull myself forward.
Only issue is 2 minor tears in the fabric just beneeath the “max” logo. Purely cosmetic but disappointing.


Great work everyone. Another successful drop. Can't wait for the chair to arrive. Its like waiting for christmas
Is this chair super mass? I am 5'6 and 170-180 pounds. It is not too big for me right? or this is just regular size not the XL kind? Also what is return policy on this?
Hi I'm 5'10 and 180. I play with my legs crossed alot. Would this one be for me since I feel like regular gaming chairs that have their seat cut out are to narrow for me.
Yes, I think the extra width plus the fact that it is a flat seat would be good for that sort of usage. Also, it is relatively easy to remove one or both of the armrests if you really want space.
Thanks for the info! I just put an order in and I'll write a review once I get it.
Typically these kinds of drops do not ship to Hawaii, but I don't see anything saying it doesn't, am I dreaming or will it ship here?!
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Shipping will not be available for Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico. It's way to expensive. You can source locally for cheaper. Shipping cost to Hawaii will be about $300+ on this chair.
Ahhh, understandable... downside to living in Hawaii is the shipping costs lol. Thanks for the reply!
Any idea when this drop may be returning? Really interested. Want to replace my King Series with this and do a review. This thing looks superior in every way
Here it is.
Yup saw it this morning and put in a order for one right away. Wish I could get it sooner, I am ready. Cheers
My cost of the chair was just put back into my bank account... does that mean something is up or?
5’8” 245lb. would this be a big enough chair or would the pro be a better fit?
it would be big enough