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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

"Sorry, this drop cannot be shipped to FR." This is sad :( Would have paid for it.
You would have paid $300 for shipping on top of the drop price? Possible more. That is the reason we dont offer it because shipping cost kills the deal for international customers.
I'm new here and I wasn't aware about that (no EU warehouse). Shipping very low for watches, though. Thanks.
No indigo color in the Max?????
We were expecting it to be available for this drop but did not get any on the last shipment. Hopefully on the next drop around the end of January.
Why does every gaming chair have to have those stupid wings that are in the way of my shoulders? Is there any gaming chair that isn't like this?
at 6'5 and 300 lbs would the max or the pro be a better solution
I believe for your height you would be happier with the PRO series. The PRO has a deaper seat for taller people with longer legs. Either chair will be good for your weight.
The group photo shows purple, but I don't see a purple option. MD what gives?
Sorry about that. We do not have any inventory available on the Indigo model this time around. It should be available next drop.
Between 5'8" and 5'9" and around 190lbs. Do I get the Pro now at this awesome price or wait for the Premium to drop again? Seeing some conflicting info about the optimal user height/weight for the Pro vs Premium.
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How does the Max compare to the Pro? I noticed on the AKRacing site, the standard price listed has a $100 difference between the two. Is there anything in particular that makes the Pro more "high-end" than the Max or is it just some structural/design difference?
The PRO does have a few upgrades over the MAX. PRO Upgrade Features
  1. 20% more cold molded foam
  2. 3" Castors
  3. Adjustable Tilt angle up to 18°
  4. Perforated PU upholstery front/back
  5. Additional Ergonomic Back Support
These chairs come with a separate foot rest? I don’t see any pictures of it.. also so what is the main difference between the max and the pro for +$30?
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Thanks for the info. Being that I am 6’2” and 230 lbs what series chair would you recommend
If you have long legs I would go with the PRO. If you are more trunk than legs then go for the MAX.
I received my AKRacing Max chair on Wednesday October 31, (1 week ahead of expected Nov. 7 ship date). I assembled okay, one of the arms was a little roughed up in shipping but not broken. Also, during assembly I noticed the pre-attached arms had a few loose bolts on underside so I recommend double checking those during assembly. I love the comfort of the chair overall. Now if I can only figure out how that plastic octagon piece works for the headrest I'll be in business. Thanks

One other notation, the directions say that two of the four bolts for the cylinder plate are different lengths. On my unit, all four bolts we're identical in length. Hoping that is just a misprint & doesn't cause structure issues down the road. Thanks
I didn't get the notification for this so I missed out on this Again *sigh* please bring it back
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It's available again in case you havent noticed...
I already have one. I'm sitting in right now!
I received my chair, but the up/down handle end is broken off, can I submit a claim direct from their website? Just want to see if I can get a new base bracket.
DigitalSyn, I am sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact us at service@akracing.com and we will get you taken care of. Cheers.
They did indeed! Shipping out a new part already.
My chair was delivered somewhere in California on Friday (Oct 26th) and I didn't hear about it until Halloween, so FedEx can't do anything about it because it's likely long gone at this point. Got a refund, don't know why I trust Massdrop with my money to begin with.
Received my chair and addon stool yesterday. I was quite disappointed that the addon was just a foot stool and not the wheeled version. Its my fault for not paying more attention to that detail. The foot stool is just made of plastic. seems fairly sturdy but there are better ones to be found elsewhere.
My chair was sent on the 25th and I got the email today on the 30th, it will be here today. Just an update for people still waiting
Got an update today that my chair shipped on the 25th and the foot rest on the 26th. Hyped for delivery tomorrow.
I received my shipment notification via Fedex email last night on my Max order in the event anyone was curious if any have shipped as of yet.
When did you place your order?
On Friday October 19, but it didn't finalize until Wednesday October 24. Hope that helps. My expected delivery is the middle of next week.
I want this really bad but what are the key differences in the MAX and PRO. I can see the seat shapes are different, but which is more comfortable? lol
They are both very similar in comfort and total foam weight. It is really personal preference. For most people over 6' I would generally suggest the Pro as it is intended for taller people.
Could it be shipped to Hong Kong?
Sorry no. International shipping is just not possible as it would cost more in shipping than the price of the chair.
I am not big or tall. Quite the opposite at 5'3 120! My friend has the big and tall edition of gamer chair and it was super comfy because it was so big, I felt like i could lean the back down and sleep on it! Would it be dumb for me to still get the Big & Tall version for myself? Any other short peeps who went with this one? Did you notice any downsides after using a huge chair? I think I could be happier with this one that the regular size.
If you do decide to go with one of these be sure to purchase the MAX. The Pro is intended for taller people and would not work well for you. On the other hand while you would have alot of room in the MAX if that is what you prefer its an extremely comfortable chair that would work well for you.
How long does it usually take to get once it drops ?
about 5/7 business days depending on where you are located. They will ship out quick.
hi there order the max it is great no damage or anything like that but I notice when you lean forward the chair will slip under you it happen to me twice already I am a little scared to lean forward now any thing like this happen to you guys
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no is installed correct i am probly sit too much in the front and wood floors make it slide don't get me wrong is a great chair is hard to find some thing that fits me
If that's the case then you might want to try one of our new floor mats that were dropped here this week: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/akracing-gaming-floor-mat
This or E-Win Champ series?
No, AKRacing is the OEM and owns the factory where their chairs are made. If you see something similar out there it is an attempt to copy this design. In no way is it produced by AKRacing as AKRacing does not make chairs for any other companies out there. Also, this is a larger chair than the EWin, carries a much better warranty, has additional features like the "rock & lock", larger amount of cold molded foam, and better quality PU leather.
Really needed this, thanks for bringing it back! Amazing price on the Max considering it goes for $500 everywhere else.
The title says ProX but the images show the Pro chair. Which chair is in this drop?
Also, the ProX chair is only $350 directly from AKRacing's site; so $330 is not that good of a deal if that is the chair that is in this drop.
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The 2017 ProX model is being closed out on our site, there are only one or two left and, as noted, it is an older model that misses several upgrades we put into the Pro.
Thanks for the information!
need help from my fellow massdropers with regard to the AKRacing Max chair addon. which one of these did they have pictured as the Addon?

I ask this because I ordered the addon and received one while expecting the other as per a picture I saw once I choose to participate in the drop. If anyone else can please chime in I would greatly appreciate it.
I just received the chair and as well did not get the fores footrest I added on.
Also, I received someone else's chair thanks to fedex.
I recently received mine and it did not include the footrest, which I added and paid for. Anyone have an idea how I can get in touch with these guys? My emails are being ignored.
So, I just got off the phone with AKRacing. According to them, the footrests were submitted later and they are just now shipping. In the same boat as you are.
Yes, please bring this one back.
Id love to see this comeback, I have spine issues and I sit all day in chairs for work from home. I'm looking forward to see the max comeback. Any idea when it will?
Well, my chair arrived today! The box was in one piece and there was no damage to any of the parts so yayyyyyyyyy. Took me about 45 mins to put it together by myself so there is no need for anyone to worry about needing any help unless you have a physical disability. The chair looks and feels good and is very comfortable, not to the level of my Serta, but comfortable non the less and for sure more stable and solid feeling than the Serta. When I lean back it does feel a little unstable but that is only noticeable because of how stiff my old chair was. The lumbar support and the head pillow are a very nice touch, especially with regard to the lumbar support. The head pillow in my opinion should be a little larger because the minute you lean the chair back you will tilt your head forward and the pillow is too small to help support it. Overall, I am very happy with the chair as it is, my concerns with it is with the long term stability of it but that will only be answered in time. As of right now, I am a very happy gamer! Now all I need is for someone to let me know where the ottoman is as it did not show up with the chair and I did not receive any tracking and shipping information for anything but the chair itself. So if any of you are M.D. or AKRacing staff and are able to help me out I would very much appreciate it.
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In theory they are in the same town as I am, and I may have found the correct person... waiting to hear back from them.
Turns out I got a hold of the right person. And now he has his new fancy chair.
Placed my Order Sunday and to my shocking surprise, FEDEX shows up today with my MAX. Totally overjoyed even with having the 2018 Pro, I put the MAX in my office and keep the Pro in my Game Room. Only thing is, I bought rollerblade wheels for the MAX since is on my Glass top and the smaller MAX wheels are amazing on my 2018 Pro. Thanks MassDrop and AKRacing for this stellar service, extremely quick delivery and lastly specifically to AKRacing, AMAZING, flat out AMAZING quality. You all are great and these chairs are hands down the best in the world and I've reviewed chairs for months and months before getting the Pro and then it came down to the last 10min of this drop for me to decide if I wanted the 2017 model, another chair or another Pro but ProX. I opted for the flat seat since I sit in it 10 hours a day for work. I just finished putting it together and I'll post another review after a few weeks about how I like it and the differences that I've seen. I wish I got the Grey footrest for my Office, that was a Giant error on my end since I have a red one already but my MAX has a small crack in the right plastic covering the handle, so when I get the replacement part, I'll get my Grey foot rest and have them shipped together. This in no way is a complaint as I had this issue with my other Pro and I was quickly sent a replacement when I got my Red Footrest to save the company shipping. Some of these shipping companies are savage and just don't care, toss boxes like pillows, not thinking there may be a weekly paycheck in that box. No other Damage anywhere, give me a WEEK to review the chair build and quality and I'll aadd a 2nd review follow-up.
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Are they universal ? Know the name off the top of your head ? And do you think you could help me out with the main differences in the PRO and MAX?
Pro is better in my opinion but only slightly and its personal preference really. Also, size, they matter alot, if you are bigger wide, you dont want a pro, if you're smaller short you dont want the pro. I'm 195lbs but 5'7 and with the 3in casters I had to have the chair all the way down to feel perfect, so I put the 2.5in from my Max on the Pro and its awesome. Honestly I probably would of gotten another Pro if they made a different shorter shock option having both now. I got the rollerblade wheels because they're shorter and softer for the glass office matt. I also went with the Max because I thought the flat seat would be better sitting all day at work but the Pro has a thicker seat and is more comfortable for me. Take a look at the Premium Masters Drop right now, that price is amazing but if you're taller than 5'7, want the best of the best and under 250lbs, I'd get the Pro. As far as the rollerblade wheels, I dont remember the brand but they're clear and silver to match the polished Max base. Hope this helps.